CSA vegetable bag week 19, 2010

I just picked up our second vegetable bag of the season. At first I thought it was so light it had to be almost empty (well, we were warned so that came as no shock) but when I looked inside… a whole bag of GOODIES! Lesson learnt: don’t always trust your first impressions ;)

  • red Batavia lettuce
  • leek
  • eggplant
  • tree onion (sint-jansui)
  • radishes
  • spinach

YumyumYUM, that’ll provide some nice diners & bentos. I’ve been craving eggplant for a week or two, so it was a wish come true to find it in today’s bag!

Tonight we’re having Nasubi to Atsuage no Nimono (a.k.a. eggplant & tofu stew) in which I can finally use the koya dofu (freeze dried tofu) we brought home from Madeira. I hope it’ll be any good since an earlier experiment with Anpanman tofu was not a success…

I’ll substitute the green peppers with bell pepper; I do have a jar of jalapeƱos in the pantry but it might be better not to try too many new things at the same time ;) Which reminds me… I need to refresh my challenge to empty out the pantry!