Today I went on a hike in the Betuwe with Mr Gnoe. We were supposed to walk for 17.5 km but somehow it turned into 19 (11.8 miles). I’ve got tired little paws now!

Betuwe is known for its fruit production, so we had hoped to see many blossoming trees… Alas, the bad weather of the last few weeks had discarded most of the flowers. Still, we got a bit of sun today and no rain, so we were happy to be outdoors anyway!

Bento #103 came along on our trip, together with a big thermos of tea. Lunch for two in my new Bento Color Box!

Betuwe Bento #103, 14-05-2010

Click on the picture for a close-up of Betuwe Bento

Top tier

  • potato salad with peas, gherkin and pickled onions on a bed of radicchio and topped with fresh thyme and wasabi sesame seeds
  • ramsons leaf as baran
  • small packet of scallion crackers from elma’s surprise packet

Middle tier

  • spicy stir-fried veggies (red paprika and zucchini & a little leek) with soy sauce and wasabi sesami topping on radicchio
  • ramsons flowers
  • radishes

Lower tier

Round container on the side

  • apple slices in lemon juice

Square container on the side

  • raw vegetables: cucumber, carrot, celery stalk, ramsons lower stems
  • yoghurt-garlic dip for veggies
  • lemon olives

I guess I don’t need to tell you we had a feast ;)

Organic & local: thyme, ramsons, radishes
Organic: potato, pickled onions, radicchio, bell pepper, cukes, apple, mayonaise, yoghurt, buttermilk, egg & butter (in scones)

WW propoints: 16 total (= 8 per person)