Gnoe’s Graasland (‘Grassland’) is a prairie showing a variation of wild flowers, grasses and shrubbery. In other words: an eclectic weblog, evolving over time. My nickname ‘Gnoe’ is Dutch for gnu (almost identically pronounced) a.k.a. wildebeest. And I roam my fields in freedom.

As a museum (information) specialist I’m clearly interested in cultural & natural Heritage. That’s probably why I try to keep my ecological footprint to a minimum? I love film, reading, snailmail, journaling (art, smash-, junk-, travel-, bullet), hiking, GOOD food – which must be vegan, cooking & baking, bento and anything relating to it. I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian until January 27th 2011, so up until that date you will find posts sharing recipes/bentos that may containing eggs and dairy. To be completely clear: those are not vegan.

I have a fascination for Japan and Indonesia – without ever having been there (LONG story), and have very fond feelings for the Provence (France) and Cappadocia (Turkey).

Nowadays I mostly post in English, but I have not always done so: I started out in Dutch and went through a transition period in which I alternated between languages. To make Graasland accessible to international readers I keep a special ‘English posts‘ category.

Where else?

Gnoe is featured on several other places in cyberspace.

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I also used to contribute to the collaborative Dutch Kookgrrls’ foodies weblog.

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