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Last stop before traveling non-stop to Tokyo

Last stop before traveling non-stop to Tokyo

Ha! On the last day of our holiday (*sigh*) Eek & Gnoe planted their first travel bug in a geocache! Miffy (or Nijntje in Dutch) is non-stop on her way to Tokyo :) Well, non-stop… first she had to say goodbye to her hometown Utrecht at Nijntjepleintje (‘Miffy Court’)! What do you think: will this delft-ware Miffy clog reach Japan during our lifetime?

The name of this ‘TB’ was inspired by the Pizzicato Five song Nonstop to Tokyo.

And yes, I know I have too many hobbies..! :\

We zijn weer thuis van onze wandelvakantie in Madeira. En wat nam ik mee als ‘souvenir’? Je gelooft het nooit — Gnoe is onverbeterlijk! ;) Maar nu eerst uitpakken, de was doen en.. geocachen om snel weer een travel bug los te laten ;)

To be continued dus…

bento goodies op Flickr.jpg

Just a few new bento goodies: star cutters (I would have liked some flowers as well but didn’t find them) and a tool to make wave-shaped vegetable slices. I also bought a small yellow spoon (my little plastic fork broke on Friday) and some 100% guaranteed watertight side containers. Since I brought some watermelon that soaked my bento bag I have been wanting containers I can trust ;)

gpsThe thing in the picture on the right is of course not for bento’s but it is related since I take bento’s on hikes as well. It’s our new GPS – bought for our upcoming hiking holiday in Turkey – but I haven’t been able to figure out how it works yet… Help! I need some GPS lessons! ;)

Gnoe goes ExtraVeganza!


Currently grazing

Gnoe herding…

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My current fav spot to graze

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