Book cover Dance with DeathI would really REALLY appreciate it if anyone could get me a free / cheap / Bookcrossing copy of Barbara Nadel’s mystery Dance with Death. Preferably paperback. Why? Because I plan to go to Turkey again and I would really love to release this book somewhere in Göreme National Park… The murder victim in the book is found in one of the caves in the area, you see! And because Cappadocia is a Unesco World Heritage Site I can count the release for the Bookcrossing 2009 History Challenge. That would be so cool!

Unfortunately (well, sort of..) I came across Dance with Death on a Boekgrrls book swap meeting but because of my surprised & enthusiastic reaction, it attracted several interested readers. No way I could secretly steal this whodunnit away just to let it go again in a foreign country. That wouldn’t have been fair to the grrls, would it?!