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This week’s edition of Weekly Geeks is just what I was waiting for…

focus on one of the most useful tools for a bibliophile: Bookmarks

I have been contemplating a post about my adventurous bookmark for a while now. It’s really an amazing story!

We went on holiday to the fabulous Unesco World Heritage Site Cappadocia in Turkey. In Göreme’s bookshop 1001 Books we bought Barbara Nadel’s Dance with Death: a mystery that’s situated in the area.

With it, we got a free bookmark. Mr Gnoe used that a lot! It brought back happy memories of our hiking holiday :) But a few months after we got back home it suddenly disappeared :( We looked everywhere, took apart our whole house, flicked through all the books we had recently read, looked under cupboards, but no: it really was completely lost.

And then… after 2 weeks the weather was great so we decided to have a drink in the park after work. I parked my bicycle at the gate — what the *** was that? I saw some familiar colours in the grass! Yes, it definitely was our own bookmark from Turkey :-o No idea how it got there! Thus ended the trip of our Cappadocian marker. And its life because it was in no state to be used anymore :( So it was recycled to be reincarnated. LOL

After that I made Mr Gnoe a personal bookmark with pictures of our holiday. And what do you know? He lost it.. : Again.

Well, better look at the bright side of things: such a good excuse to go back for another vacation in Cappadocia! To get another bookmarker that’s as fond of travelling as we are :)

The rest of my bookmark collection can be seen (and read about) on flickr.

Book cover Dance with DeathI would really REALLY appreciate it if anyone could get me a free / cheap / Bookcrossing copy of Barbara Nadel’s mystery Dance with Death. Preferably paperback. Why? Because I plan to go to Turkey again and I would really love to release this book somewhere in Göreme National Park… The murder victim in the book is found in one of the caves in the area, you see! And because Cappadocia is a Unesco World Heritage Site I can count the release for the Bookcrossing 2009 History Challenge. That would be so cool!

Unfortunately (well, sort of..) I came across Dance with Death on a Boekgrrls book swap meeting but because of my surprised & enthusiastic reaction, it attracted several interested readers. No way I could secretly steal this whodunnit away just to let it go again in a foreign country. That wouldn’t have been fair to the grrls, would it?!

Op de fiets naar werk kom ik langs deze 'Gouden Boom'.
Hij lijkt licht te geven, zelfs -of juist- als de zon niet schijnt.

Wie weet wat het is?


Cycling to work I pass this Golden Tree.
It seems to shine, even -or especially- when the sun doesn't.

Who knows what type of tree it is?

    Golden tree

Gnoe goes ExtraVeganza!


Currently grazing

Gnoe herding…

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My current fav spot to graze

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