Ha! I guess some of you thought I was going to update on my New Year’s resolutions for 2009? Nope! I never make any in January because I believe in starting any resolution the minute I thought of it — not on a set future date. So what is this post about?

It is looooong past my school days but I can feel the vibes of the new academic year starting all around me — getting me in a productive mood. There are some Big Issues I keep procrastinating and I hereby pledge to take care of one each month, starting September ;)

  1. Plan a holiday..! It may sound weird but Mr Gnoe and I are really not good at that :( We want to visit the Unesco World Heritage Site Cappadocia in Turkey again, in spring when the apricot trees are blooming. And before that we should take some more time off.
  2. Take some fire precautions, like buying a fire extinguisher and an escape ladder or something like it (right now there is only one way out of here and it’s on the kitchen side of our apartment…). Of course we already have a smoke detector ;)
  3. Swap internet provider (probably in combination with getting digital tv — yippee ;)
  4. Get those old Super 8 mm films digitized before they are beyond rescue!

4 months, 4 missions: it must be possible to accomplish these tasks before 2010, right? Or at least to take the first steps to get there. Because I have loads of reading challenges to finish as well! LOL

Are there any big projects you should / could pick up?