24 Hour Read-a-Thon buttonHello! Long time no see! I’ve been having a blogging burnout and reading slump, but today I’m trying to fix both.

2pm local time brings the kick-off for the spring edition of Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. I desperately need to finish my IRL book group’s read, so I’m jumping in! However, I will NOT be reading for 24 hours, nor will I be reading as much as possible: I will spend a serious amount of time happily mingling with the other participants on social media. Last year I didn’t do that at all because I felt it distracted me too much from actually reading. But, like Andi says, the readathon is all about the community! So why miss out on the fun?!

Retro plaid bag I bought

I haven’t prepared at all for today so I’m just going with the flow. WOAH that’s such a different mindset from other times I participated! The one thing I did do in anticipation of the readathon is start King’s Day celebrations early… yesterday :) It’s our very first King’s Day after Queen (now Princess) Beatrix abdicated last year and while I’m not much of a royalist, this is A National Event. And a good way to enjoy the lovely spring weather – ha! ;) The king-size jumble market in town traditionally starts at 4pm the day before and goes on all through the night and next day. So I got to go and scavenge for treasures! Like that neat retro British plaid bag I scored for 5€. :D

(Any tips on getting a musty smell out?)

But I digress. Here’s what I’ll probably be reading.

Cover Crossing to Safety

Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner (ebook). I need to finish it before my book group meet-up on May 12th. I’m currently at 22% and really enjoy it but I’ve had problems picking up my book and holding on to it for longer periods of time. Something to do with an iPhone, Instagram and what not… *coughs*

When I get it done — or need a change of palate, I may pick up one of the following (or anything else that tickles my fancy).

Pile of books

Nicely colour-coordinated, don’t you think? ;)

Now let’s get that #readathon hashtag a trending topic on twitter again!