Summer Bento, 02-07-2012

On Tuesday I brought this sunny bento to the office.

The main tier contains cooked pasta with avocado sauce from La Dolce Vegan! Chloe’s Kitchen, topped with broad beans, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley, lollo rosso baran, and minty cucumber, tomato, capers salad with soygurt dressing (La Dolce Vegan!).

In the other tier there’s a mini crustless tofu quiche, extra parsley, a cranberry muffin, radish and slices of walnut-filled date.

On the side a fruit container with nectarine and honey melon.

No need to say I very much enjoyed my lunch. :) The only thing missing was a spot outside to eat this bento in the sun. ;)

Leftovers: pasta & sauce, broad beans, dressing, crustless quiche, melon and date.
Freezer stash: muffin.