Did you know that the daughter of Leo Tolstoy was the mother of John Lennon??

At least today she was ;) Mr Gnoe took me to two biopics in a row: The Last Station, with Helen Mirren as the wife of the famous author Tolsoy, and Nowhere Boy, about the young years of Beatle boy John Lennon.

In these movies Anne-Marie Duff plays the role of both Tolstoy’s daughter and Lennon’s biological mother Julia. We never even noticed… So she did a really good job :)

In real life she’s married to James McAvoy btw, also playing in The Last Station (as Tolstoy’s secretary Valentin Bulgakov).

Mirren is grand as Sofya Tolstoy. The film moved me to tears, even though I don’t know, nor care a lot about Russian writers & Tolstoyanism. Shame on me ;) It’s really worth seeing; getting 4 out of 5 stars from me!

Nowhere Boy was fun, but not really special: only 3 stars. It does a good job in throwing his holiness Lennon of his pedestal ;) And a tricky thing: we heard Colin Firth in the trailer, but he’s nowhere to be found in Nowhere Boy… The real Nowhere Man? ;)