My copy of De Ongelofelijke ReisThis is my my first favourite book — or is it my favourite first book? Anyway, not having kids myself I’ve waited 10 years (!) for the first child in our family to become old enough to read my childhood favourite: The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford.

The story of two dogs & a cat crossing the Canadian wilderness in search of their owners moved me beyond words. I have mentioned several times before that I don’t like to reread books, but De ongelofelijke reis (as the book is called in Dutch) was read to, and by me several times. I’m remembering at least 4 sessions ;) The first time being on a summer holiday to France. My mom read it to my big brother and me — a memory I cherish :)

This is me on my way to France…

Gnoe en route to France 1979

Gift copy of De Ongelofelijke ReisSo now that our animal-loving nephew turned 10, I really wanted to give him the book! :) But what the heck?! It is out of publish in Holland! OH NO! :-o

But I am Thank God for the internet… I managed to get a second hand copy. This will be my first time giving a used book for a present, but it can’t be helped! He needs to read this book. Or I need him to ;)

And no, I have never seen the Disney movie that was made of the book. I’ve never wanted to, and I still don’t. But now I do feel like rereading The Incredible Journey..!

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