Cover CoralineI finished another book! Coraline, the graphic adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel by P. Craig Russell. And I tell you this: I definitely plan to get my hands on a novel by Neil Gaiman! I know some of you book bloggers might think “Dôh”, but he really isn’t that well known in Holland yet.

The funny thing is there was a cat in the story that resembles the cat in Soseki’s I Am a Cat! And part of it made me think of the J-horror movie Ringu as well…

Status report

9:30 – 12:00 (I’ve slept from 3:00 until 9:00)

Currently reading: I Am a Cat? Or will I pick something short for a last spurt? Or just do another challenge?

Progress since last update

Time read: 1 hrs 34 mins
Amount of pages: 186 pages
Books finished: 1 book (Coraline by Neil Gaiman)

Mini-challenges I participated in: 3 (Feed Me Seymour, Mid-event Meme and Ticket to Anywhere picture challenge)


Ringo feeling accomplished ;)

Ringo feeling accomplished ;)

Hours read: 6:24
Pages read: 319
Books read: 2 (De pianoman, Coraline)
Mini-challenges: 7