The Sunday Salon is a virtual gathering of booklovers on the web, where they blog about bookish things of the past week, visit each others weblogs, oh — and read ;)

Today I wasn’t supposed to sit at my desk and type up a Sunday Salon. I should have been cheering Mr Gnoe, doing his 15k run across the ‘7 Hills’ in Nijmegen — along with 31.000 other people. Alas, he took up a fever yesterday and needs to stay in bed. I feel really sorry for him: he has been training for quite some time and today’s weather is awesome! To make things worse: it’s his sisters birthday and we were going to have cake with her at the finish line (my brother-in-law is in the race as well). Bummer.

Cover Geketende Democratie (Japan), Hans van der LugtAnyway, I had also hoped to start a new book on the train to Nijmegen — I haven’t picked up a novel since I closed the cover of Soulless on October 14th! :-o That’s almost 6 weeks ago!

True, I was able to finish the Pillow Book read-along in the meantime and have been continuing Geketende democratie: Japan achter de schermen (‘Democracy in Chains: Behind the Scenes of Japan‘), which is more non-fiction. But I couldn’t decide on a new novel.

I really miss curling up in my reading chair with a good story :( Please help?

Below you’ll find a selection of 8 books from Mount TBR. I would be so happy if you could tick one or two (yes, you may choose 2!) that you want me to dust of! The reason for your recommendation can be explained in the comments. Thank you so much!

Cover The Woman in the Dunes (Kobo Abe)Cover The Wasted Vigil (Nadeem Aslam)Cover Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood)Cover The Savage Detectives (Roberto Bolano)
Cover Dromen van China / The China Lover (Ian Buruma)Cover We Need to Talk About Kevin (Lionel Shriver)Cover The Accidental, by Ali SmithCover Snow Country (Yasunari Kawabata)

More exciting news: I received the name of my Secret Santee in the Book Blogger Holiday Swap and got my present ready right the next day! Well, it still needs a finishing touch, but I’m really happy with what I got so far :)

Putting my package together for Carin’s Great Grocery Bag Exchange on A Little Bookish is turning out to be more of a ‘problem’ proving to be more of a challenge. Bags galore to choose from, but postage needs to stay in an acceptable range… Now I can’t decide on whether to send the two bags I decided on and just a tiny Dutch treat, or to throw out one of my choices and upgrade the goodies. *SIGH*

Life is hard ;)