Yellow Brick Road Bento #79

  • Slice of spinach pizza
  • ‘Birchner’ baked potato with caraway seeds and sea salt
  • Almond cake (Pan de Orejón)
  • Half of a boiled egg
  • Yoghurt coated apricots
  • Indian curry with cauliflower, orange paprika, paneer
  • Corn cob
  • Basil & tomato

Todays bento is a bit heavy on yellow ingredients and it made me think of the nostalgic Elton John song Yellow Brick Road. More music to share with you this Monday!

Listening to this song takes me back to last year when a group of Bookcrossers was playing a virtual version of Monopoly and one of our participants, Yellow-Star, died of cancer on the age of 19. I made her a music cd with ‘yellow’ and ‘star’ songs when she was in hospital — of course Elton John was on it. Plans for a 2-nd round of Bookcrossing Monopoly are being made, and all this resulted in my melancholic Monday bento on the first day of autumn. Whadoyaknow. But no, it’s not just the blues… it also reminds me of the golden glow of September that I love so much! :)