Wandeling Maarssen - Hollandse Rading

Although the weather was a bit grey, on Sunday we decided to go for a long walk to try and keep our legs in shape after our hiking holiday in Cappadocia. Since I am reading Publieke werken by Thomas Rosenboom (which is amongst others about a 19th century peat-area), the central peat-area of Utrecht seemed an appropriate destination. So we went for a 16 km hike from Maarssen to Hollandse Rading. The weather happened to be quite good for walking (nice and cool) so we really enjoyed it – even though we had started out a bit late and had to find our way in the dark for the last half an hour… Good thing we had to go in a straight line by then ;)

We finished our day with dinner in Memories of China. After our first shock that there was not one vegetarian course on the menu, we had a delicious meal especially prepared for us :))