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A quick share of my most recent bento. It contained leftovers from our “yogi dinner” the previous night: recipes from the cookbook Yogifood1 by Jet Eikelboom and Seth Jansen.

Yogi lentil salad with hazelnuts, parsley, red cabbage, corn lettuce and a maple-balsamic dressing, mini plum tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, and more tomato with almond butter dip from my Lithuanian Foodie Penpal, yogi potato mash with thyme and a sea-buckthorn candy from my visit to Vlieland.

On the side: 2 clementines, santana apple and 3 sandwiches (apple-pear butter & houmous).

Local/CSA: corn lettuce, cabbage, carrot, potato, thyme, apple.

Office lunch on Thursday 13-12-2012.

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#latergram of some of my donkey loves... šŸ’— Sorbo and his friend Fiona, my handsome sweetheart (but so hard to photograph) Shrek, li'l Froukje, funny Felix, adorable Dieske (giant with a tiny heart) and Ć¼bershy Nimbus having a bite with Lotta. My beauty queen. *swipe*
#sumi #sumicat This beautiful boy is my new love Marcello šŸ˜» He's a deaf and blind senior tuxedo and we love him to bits. He seems to like it here too! šŸ˜ŠāœØ
#seniortux #seniortuxedocat #blinddeafcat #blinddeafcats #seniorcatsrock #loudcat #marcellocat