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A quick share of my most recent bento. It contained leftovers from our “yogi dinner” the previous night: recipes from the cookbook Yogifood1 by Jet Eikelboom and Seth Jansen.

Yogi lentil salad with hazelnuts, parsley, red cabbage, corn lettuce and a maple-balsamic dressing, mini plum tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, and more tomato with almond butter dip from my Lithuanian Foodie Penpal, yogi potato mash with thyme and a sea-buckthorn candy from my visit to Vlieland.

On the side: 2 clementines, santana apple and 3 sandwiches (apple-pear butter & houmous).

Local/CSA: corn lettuce, cabbage, carrot, potato, thyme, apple.

Office lunch on Thursday 13-12-2012.


I’m terrible late in posting the last four batches of organic vegetables from out local supplier. I’ve considered skipping but as my CSA (b)logs are meant to keep track of our weekly veg loot, I decided against that. Better late than never.

At the end of 2011 this log helped me fill in the survey about greens we’d missed and the ones we’d rather do without. ;)

organic CSA vegetable loot weeks 48 to 5, 2011

From upper left to bottom right:

Following is a large selection of the dishes that came out of it. Some special, like pumpkin tempura on New Year’s Eve, others your ‘everyday meal’.

Celery soup with truffle oil and tempeh bacon on Christmas Eve

Creamy celery soup with truffle oil and tempeh bacon on Christmas Eve

Japanese New Year's Eve Dinner (2011)

Pumpkin Tempura on New Year's Eve

Japanese New Year's Eve Dinner (2011)

Japanese Cabbage Salad on New Year's Eve

Japanese New Year's Eve Dinner (2011)

Tofu Patties on New Year's Eve

Japanese New Year's Eve Dinner (2011)

Vegetable & Mushroom Rice on New Year's Eve

Roasted tomato & onion salad, 30-11-2011

Roasted tomato & red onion salad with balsamic vinegar

Pumpkin risotto with awesome roasted tomato & onion salad

Pumpkin Risotto, Grilled Zucchini and Roasted Tomato Salad

Semolina pudding with apricot sauce and almonds

Semolina-coconut pudding with apricot sauce & almonds

Yummy roasted vegetable salad from Karma-free

Roasted vegetable salad

Red cabbage salad with orange and pistachios

Red cabbage salad with orange and pistachios

Leek soup & toast with green olive tapenade

Leek soup & toast with green olive spread

Raddicchio salad with walnuts, oyster mushrooms and garlic croutons

Raddicchio salad with walnuts, oyster musrooms and garlic croutons

Creamy carrot soup, parsnip patties, coleslaw and spicy tofu with garlic sauce

Creamy carrot soup, parsnip patties, coleslaw and spicy tofu with garlic sauce

Bean & paprika stew

Bean & paprika stew

Simple solo dinner

Coleslaw, Spinach, Veggie Pattie & Stuffed Paprika with Morrocan Couscous

Oven-roasted kale with olive oil and spices

Spicy Oven-roasted Kale (recipe posted)

Sunchoke casserole, baked pear salad, rice and tempeh satay

Sunchoke casserole, baked pear salad, rice and tempeh satay

Cabbage salad (coleslaw)

Cabbage Salad with Lime Vegenaise dressing

Rösti rounds, vegan hamburger, onion rings, poached pears and spinach

Rösti rounds, vegan hamburger, onion rings, poached pears and spinach

Spicy falafel & hot tomato sauce, Brussels sprouts and nutty rice mix

Spicy falafel & hot tomato sauce, Brussels sprouts and nutty rice mix

Mediterrenean Carrot Spread

Mediterrenean Carrot Spread (recipe posted)

Our third season of CSA has come to a closing. Now we’ll need to decide on which veggies to buy all by ourselves again… Not an easy task! #lazybums

Last organic CSA veggies of the year (week 51, 2010)

  • purslane
  • leek
  • thyme
  • red cabbage
  • choggia beets
  • apples
  • variety of onions: shallot, red and white

When I got beets last time I made Nigel Slater’s Beetroot Seeds Cake and it was goooood!

Nigel Slater's Beetroot seeds cake

Clicking on the picture will bring you to Flickr, where I’ve put up the link to the on-line recipe and some adaptations I made.

Yesterday was another Meatless Monday (Plantaardig Maandag) and supposed to be December’s #twitterfoodparty about squash, so I made a vegan Indian curry with basmati rice and (prefab) mango chutney with last week’s hokkaido pumpkin. The picture didn’t turn out too great but it tasted better than it looks. ;) Anyway, the food party got postponed due to too many ‘twabsentees‘…! If you want to join in, just make something with squash on January 10th, use the hashtag and tweet a picture!

Vegan pumpkin curry with basmati rice and mango chutney

So, no more CSA (b)log posts until the first week of May 2011. Some of you might think that a good thing… But hopefully not all???

You would think that during these cold days we’d like to watch some sunny movies… But not The Bumbles. This week’s Monday Movie Meme is all about winter!

Of course everybody thinks of the fun Coen Brothers film Fargo first. Me too. But two other movies sprung to mind even before that!

Image from Cold Fever Cold Fever, by the Icelandic director Fridrik Thor Fridrikson. I absolutely loved this movie about a successful Japanese businessman whose plan for a 2-week winter holiday in Hawaii (to play golf) changes when his grandfather reminds him that he should go to Iceland for the 7 year anniversary of his parents’ death.
Image from Wintersleepers Winterschläfer (Wintersleepers) by the German director Tom Tykwer. A movie about an unfortunate accident in an Alpine resort that had me contemplate the concept of ‘guilt’ for a long time after…

Both these films are gems to look back on in my personal movie history and I’d love to see them again. Ha! The dvd of Cold Fever should arrive any day now!

Image from Frozen River But there’s also a more recent movie I would like to mention: last year’s Oscar nominated film Frozen River, by Courtney Hunt. It’s a story about two working-class women who smuggle illegal immigrants in the trunk of a car from Canada to the United States in order to make ends meet. A hard life that seemed quite realistic to me — what would I do?

I get a warm feeling thinking about these great movies. Let’s cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate, right now! ;)

Just another 6 miles to go before January 1st and I will have accomplished my 100 Mile Fitness Challenge! I started on October 20th and got 94 miles / 150 kilometers done within two months so it must be easy peasy getting there in time.

Last Tuesday I went on another 15.5 km solo-walk, from Terschuur to Amersfoort. It is called Barneveldse Beek, after the stream that runs along the track for about 2 km. I liked that part but overall this isn’t a hike I would recommend: I had to pass a lot of motorways as well :\ Thankfully it was a quiet day, but it will probably be horrible on Saturday or at rush hour.

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS — cold, frosty and sunny! That made it a hike to remember after all. Look at some pictures if you don’t believe me ;)

Dutch windmill

I came by some kawaii donkeys (aren’t they the cutest animals?) and I even saw a Kingfisher — of course that one was too quick to photograph. So I had a nice winter walk this week, even though it is still officially autumn ;)

Something really bad has to happen to prevent me from accomplishing the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge in time! Oops, better touch some wood — no need to tempt the gods :\

Aardvlo veggiebag week 51

Het op één na laatste Aardvlo groentenpakket van het seizoen… Het is dan ook al week 51! En we kregen weer eens nét wat we nodig hadden :)

  • boerenkool
  • kabocha pompoen (Japanse! :)
  • knolselderij
  • zomerworteltjes (wie had dat gedacht? ;)
  • knoflook
  • sjalotjes
  • pastinaak

Zomerpeentjes in de wintertas, dat is een verrassing! Laat ik nu net wortel nodig hebben voor inarizushi! Dat zijn zoete tahoebuideltjes gevuld met sushirijst (naar wens met wortel en zwart sesamzaad), ook wel tofu puffs genoemd. Het is een ‘snack’ in de bento’s van Japanse kinderen. De voorgeprepareerde zakjes kun je hier in vacuümverpakking kopen — en ik heb dan ook 2 pakjes op voorraad die dringend op moeten. Hm. Dat doet me eraan denken dat ik dringend weer eens verslag moet uitbrengen over mijn hamsteruitdaging ;) But first things first.

Een experiment om met ei gevulde buideltjes te maken, tamago no takarabukuro, mislukte deze week :( De gefrituurde sojazakjes zijn al voorgesneden en — helaas — gewoon te klein om een heel ei in te doen. Maar dat niet alleen: ze scheurden ook meteen… Ik denk (fluister) omdat ze door ouderdom wat te droog zijn geworden :\ Moet ik die dingen maar niet zo lang laten liggen! Nu het pak open is moet de rest snel op; hopelijk gaat het beter met de tofu puffs. Daar hebben we al ervaring mee, dus als die ook mislukken is de oorzaak duidelijk ;) *shifts blame*

Naast de zomerworteltjes ligt bevroren boerenkool. Zo van het land ;) Die kan niet lang bewaard worden en gaat dus als eerste in de pan. Als Hollandse boerenkoolstampot met vegaworst of nepspekjes, dan wel een ‘Indische’ variant: pittig gemaakt met lekkere sambal en daarbij gebakken tempeh en gefruite uitjes.

De knolselderij? Die gaat natuurlijk in een erwtensoepje (beproefd recept). Daar is het met die sneeuw buiten echt weer voor!

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