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Last Day of Summer Holiday Bento #115

On the last day of our summer holiday the weather was really quite nice —  although not as good as in Paris, France ;) So when we returned from the birthday party of our just-turned-five-year-old grandniece that Sunday, Mr Gnoe and I grabbed our books and quickly assembled this snack bento for a picnic in the park. We had to eat something with our bubblies, didn’t we? :P

Here’s what we enjoyed.

  • Salad of organic plum tomatoes, fresh basil, pickled white onions and dressing of balsamic vinegar.
  • 2 types of cheese brought back with us from France: on the right Beaumont de Savoie (nice!), but I forgot the name of the other one… (as if you can see the difference ;)
  • Smiths Nibbit Cocktail potato chips (my favourite — with some others).
  • French honeydew melon.
  • Pink Prosecco wine.

Not only was it the last day of our summer vacation, it was also one of the last sunny days.

*SIGH* I’m already nostalgically looking back.

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