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I’ve subscribed to this year’s Blog Improvement Project (BIP) since it seemed a nice way to do some regular housekeeping on Graasland. It could be argued that maintenance isn’t really improvement, but I think it is :) And maybe you do too, after you’ve looked at my to do list(s). Tasks are in no specific order.


  • clean up 11 remaining uncategorized (imported) posts
  • check and replace old images (location)
  • clean up tags

Add / Change

  • index page(s) for book and film reviews
  • import (Dutch) book reviews from old museum website
  • add ‘Books read in…’ posts for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
  • maintenance / werk in uitvoeringtranslate or summarize Dutch book and film reviews in English
  • check glossary and update if necessary
  • finish draft posts ;)


  • make cheat sheet with special characters like ō
  • put together index page cheat sheet

Stuff to think about

  • when to add which tags?
  • claim domain and migrate?
  • or change to more flexible wordpress theme?
  • Gnoe's cat iconpersonalize header pic (if possible)?
  • declutter sidebar?
  • change categories into clearer topics?
  • change gravitar & favicon?
  • add Dutch summary to rss-feed for each post from now on?
  • find blogging buddy?

Oh, and I still want to check out The Bloggie Cult mentoring program and forum! Although that might lead to a longer list of things to do ;)


Subtitle: What on earth would we do without podcasts??? :)

iPodcast Simon Mayo
What a coincidence: the day after I had recommended some podcasts to my online book group, Weekly Geeks 2009-42 asked about our favourite book podcasts as well! It must be in the air ;)

Podcasts anyone? Share with us a podcast you love, preferably book related, but not necessarily so.

The top 3 bookcasts on Hopi (my purple iPod nano) are:

  1. Book Reviews with Simon Mayo
    Simon Mayo A weekly show on BBC radio 5 Live in which three book reviewers talk about 2 books in the company of the authors. A fun feature is that the book analysis usually starts with a description of the book cover: it really gives an extra dimension to the review, especially on ‘radio’, read: podcast ;) It sometimes happens that the author believes the evaluation ends here… and (s)he is not amused. Most times it is pretty nerve wrecking for them to be present as it is ;)
    It is nice that the authors often have read each other’s books as well. And we’re not talking only debutantes here, but established writers like Margaret Atwood, Nick Hornby, Patricia Cornwell, Will Self and Fay Weldon as well. I actually get some great tips from this program, like The Crossroads by the Italian writer Niccolò Ammaniti or The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. I would have picked up The Wasted Vigil by Nadeem Aslam anyway (because I loved his book Maps for Lost Lovers), Cover Transitionbut it was great to hear him reviewed by the Mayo Book Panel as well :)
  2. Number 2 will only be a favourite for a while, since it is going to end at some point: the latest book by Iain Banks, Transition, is available as a free podcast in the UK iTunes store. No link, since you’ll have to go find it via your iTunes application. And you know what? I heard of this podcast in an extra edition of Simon’s book show :)
  3. At the moment I am also enjoying the — to my ears very American — Books on the Nightstandpodcast of the Books on the Nightstand blog. Two Random House employees talking about books (on their own accord), usually themed around a topic like graphic novels, YA (Young Adult), cookbooks or challenges. This podcast is like a little snack ;) I especially like the presenters’ personal book ecommendations at the end.

A podcast that doesn’t please me is the Guardian Books Podcast; somehow I have a hard time keeping up with that — I’m not sure what the problem is. Also I am sorry that the BBC Radio 4 Book Club archive is not available as podcast, since I would love to listen to the episodes about David Mitchell, Barbara Kingsolver and Jonathan Franzen, but I don’t seem to get to that when I’m sitting behind my computer… I have other things to do then, like blog ;)

Other favourite podcasts

Film ~ Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews
Entertainment (including literature) ~ R4 Frontrow Highlights, Kunststof (Dutch), R3 Arts & Ideas
History ~ OVT (Dutch)

Go check them out!

The Sunday Salon is a virtual gathering of booklovers on the web, where they blog about bookish things of the past week, visit each others weblogs, oh — and read ;)

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