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24 Hour Read-a-thonYay! The Fall 24 Hour Read-a-thon has STARTED! It’s 2pm here in Utrecht, Holland (+1 GMT), and I’m totally in the mood since I’ve been preparing since last night…

I’ve been saving my books so I can start a new one RIGHT NOW, my carrot cake is cooling down to enjoy later on with some golden mandarin green tea, I’ve made salsa picante for a veggie nachos snack and hoarded up on other relatively healthy goodies like fruit salad, baby figs and cucumber to dip in a yoghurt-herb sauce. Ha!

My readathon pile was posted on Thursday: please check it out!

Cover Het volgende verhaal / The Following Story (Cees Nooteboom)I’ll be starting off today with The Following Story in Dutch (Het volgende verhaal), by Cees Nooteboom, a buddy-read with tanabata. This publication was a gift handed out in the 1991 National Book Week (in promotion of Dutch literature). Bookmark from Elm@And I’ll be using an appropriate bookmark that was kindly given to me by Boekgrrl elm@. It’s a Still Life with Plaster Statuette by Vincent van Gogh, made in 1887.

I have no specific goals, I will go to sleep at some point when I get too tired, and I’ll check in every few hours for a status update and/or to visit fellow participants. Wishing you all loads of FUN!

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