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Vegan Wednesday buttonIn the first week of VeganMoFo I stumbled upon the Vegan Wednesdays meme. Participants are asked to photograph their food during the day and share it in a wrap-up post at night.

Not as easy as it sounds… At breakfast time I’m usually not awake enough to think about taking pictures! So I missed the first one. I missed the second. But this morning I remembered in time!

So here’s what I had today. ;)


Blue Witch’s Brew

Breakfast smoothie with purple kale

Aka La Dolce Vegan breakfast smoothie with purple kale. Not a good idea – Dutch kale is too tough for smoothies.


Bloody Belly Button


Aka store-bought bara (Surinamese snack) with chilli-tomato sauce.

Dead Bat Salad with Boogers and Bile Dressing

Salad with crispy kale & curry dressing

Aka Lollo Bionda with crispy kale, pepita mix and curry dressing.


Gastric Acid Soup with Blood Clots

Pumpkin-tomato soup with coconut

Aka Asian flavoured pumpkin soup (inspired on Seitan Is My Motor) with tomato.

Crushed Toad Salad

Mixed salad with nuts & avocado

Aka mixed greens with mushy avocado.

Unnameable Dessert


Professor Grunschnabel Café el-Khatib (coffee & cardamom) ice cream with fresh mango and chocolate syrup.

You didn’t know vegan food could be so horrid, right? ;)

Gnoe goes ExtraVeganza!


Currently grazing

Twittering Gnoe

Gnoe herding…

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My current fav spot to graze

#latergram of some of my donkey loves... 💗 Sorbo and his friend Fiona, my handsome sweetheart (but so hard to photograph) Shrek, li'l Froukje, funny Felix, adorable Dieske (giant with a tiny heart) and übershy Nimbus having a bite with Lotta. My beauty queen. *swipe*
#sumi #sumicat This beautiful boy is my new love Marcello 😻 He's a deaf and blind senior tuxedo and we love him to bits. He seems to like it here too! 😊✨
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