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Turkish meal by Mr Gnoe

Last time we did some menu planning was halfway June, when Mr Gnoe started a new job. We were full of resolutions, but didn’t manage to keep it up. Trying again – just a few weeks before the end of CSA season O_O

Menu plan 29 November – 2 December

  • Saturday: Pumpkin mash with endive and oven baked lemon tofu
  • Sunday: Turkish Feast by Mr Gnoe: millet with sun-dried tomatoes and olives, eggplant casserole, fasulye (beans) and spicedcabbage salad (pictured above)
  • Monday: Isa Chandra’s Braised Cabbage with Seitan (p.97 Appetite for Reduction), potato mash and mushroom gravy (either this recipe or this one)
  • Tuesday: Lisette Kreischer’s easy pumpkin-sunchoke soup (substituting large‐leaved chicory for pak choy and adding a little leftover coconut milk) with bread and salad

I love that I no longer have to think about what to eat the next few days! And looking forward to the meals to come :D Will be planning more after our next CSA arrives on Wednesday. Luckily I’ll have a sneakpeek of the contents on Monday as I have to write the accompanying leaflet this week. Need to think about Friday’s Sinterklaas dinner! We’re not really celebrating but there’s a guest coming and I want to make something special.


On Monday October 24th I took a bento to work, filled with leftovers from one of my favourite takeaway restaurants in Utrecht: Ana’s Kuzin. They sell very good Turkish food there and have several vegan options on the menu — most times anyway.

Ana's Bento #160

Top tier:

  • kisir quenelles
  • green olive
  • salted sunflower seeds
  • cucumber baran
  • half a stuffed green paprika
  • lettuce

Middle tier:

  • sauteed New Zealand spinach with roasted garlic, spring onion, sesame oil & seeds (not Turkish otherwise this would’ve been called Turkish Bento ;)
  • mini plum tomato
  • antep ezmesi (crushed pepper dish)

Bottom tier:

A whole container just for dessert! That doesn’t happen often. :)

Needless to say I had a delicious lunch. :)

I promised to show you the inside of my chocolate-beetroot pie. Wanna have a slice? ;)

Half of the chocolate-beetroot pie

I opened and closed this week with a bento for lunch: first a Yummy Meatless Mondays Bento (#152), and then a healthy Veggie Bento on Friday (#153). Showing you the last one first!

Veggie Bento (#153)

My Friday bento came along in a box that I don’t often use — because it’s technically not mine. ;) Click on the pic to follow the link to an overview shot on Flickr.

Instagram picture of Friday's Veggie Bento (#153), 26-08-2011

We bought this Hanaougi ‘Flower Fans’ bento for Mr Gnoe when I only owned one other box (can you believe there ever was such a time?): my first usagi bento. Both are two-tiered, rectangular and dark blue. The idea was to use our similar bentos for picnics. :) But it has been gathering dust on the shelf so this Friday I decided to put it to good use.

Left tier
Half a ‘space bar’ (vegan sausage) and tomato ketchup to dip, rye bread with tofutti cream ‘cheese’, cucumber fans, radish flowers and green beans with African Peper spice mix on a bed of lettuce.

Right tier
Red beet salad with balsamic & raspberry vinegar, green grapes, cherry tomatoes (homegrown on the balcony), basil and fennel with peas.

On the side
Organic apple & elderberry juice.

Yummy Meatless Mondays Bento (#152)

Although Friday bento was good, it couldn’t beat Monday bento which contained one of my favourite foods: kisir, a traditional Turkish bulghur salad. The one from Ana’s Kuzin is best but I’m hoping to find a recipe that comes close. If you have one, please let me know?!

Yummy Meatless Monday Bento #152
Left tier
Kisir, veggies (cucumber, radishes, lettuce, steamed green beans, cherry tomatoes, flat leaf parsley) and dressing.

Right tier
Tiny leftovers of antep ezmesi (hot mix of tomato, chili peppers and garlic) & börülce (spicy bean-lime tomato dish), lots of seedless grapes, rye bread with vegan ‘cream cheese’, almond and dried apricot.

And an apple on the side (not shown).

If you can help me to good recipes for kisir, antep ezmesi, and/or börülce, I would really, REALLY appreciate it very much!
(MaaikeB??? ;)

– – –

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