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Although autumn weather has been really kind to us so far, the past two days have been really cold (east wind brrrrr) and anyway: Sinterklaas dinner has to be a hearty, wintery meal no matter what the temperature. Comford food! As I mentioned on Monday we’re having company, so we decided on a three course meal which I’ll post below. But first our plan for the rest of the week. I hope you’ll find some inspiration in our meal planning?!

Menu plan 4 – 9 December

  • Thursday: spaghetti with tomato-veggie sauce.
  • Friday (Sinterklaas): see below.
  • Saturday: purple kale-potato mash with homemade seitan sausages from Isa Does It (p.237).
  • Sunday: Indonesian style meal with nasi goreng, sambal goreng kool (cabbage) and a tempeh dish that has to be decided. Also plan on making atjar tjampoer with the rest of the cabbage plus carrots.
  • Monday: vegetable stirfry with tofu
  • Tuesday: [leftovers]

Sinterklaas Menu

  • Starters: ‘Pumpkin Duo’ = pumpkin-sunchoke soup and a pumpkin-potato pierogi with garlic-herb sauce on a bed of two kinds of mustard leaves.
  • Entrée: beer-braised seitan with carrots and sunchokes (Vegan Eats World), oven-baked french fries and large-leaf chicory salad with apple, clementine and walnuts.
  • Dessert: kukicha tea poached pears with candied ginger (Vegan Eats World).
  • After dinner: tea with liqueur bonbon and Inca berries to compensate ;)

Leftover in our fridge are carrots and 4 or five sunchokes. Plenty of options with those!

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