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Lunch on October 13th: 2 sammies in a SnackTaxi bag and a bento box full of goodies. A picture of the sandwiches with hummus and vegan pate coming out of their bag can be found on Flickr.

Bento #158

The bento contains carrot-cabbage salad with apple, walnuts and curry dressing on a bed of lettuce. Next to that is a star container with fennel caramelised in balsamic vinegar (recipe from the Ecofabulous cookbook by Lisette Kreischer) and pistachio nuts for gap fillers. In the small white container on the lid is a mix of sunflower seeds and pepitas for my salad.

Tabbouleh in the other tier, tomato & basil, grilled oyster mushroom, green olive on usagi pick, half a spicy veggie sausage with roasted paprika sauce to dip (leftover from last night’s pizza), chigai-giri banana and a slice of my first ever tempeh bacon cut in three pieces (recipe from Vegetarian Food for Thought podcast by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

Clicking on the photo above will give you a little more of a close-up of this bento box.


Not only am I working to tackle my bento back(b)log; same goes for my CSA vegetable bag(log). I don’t think anyone noticed but I haven’t posted my loot for nine weeks!

Tile combination of vegetables

Now remember those ceramic tiles with veggies that were used to decorate kitchens? It inspired me to follow the same principle using Mosaic Maker. A list of 9 separate photos & descriptions would be just too much of an overkill. ;)

Pictures of csa vegetables weeks 33-41, 2011

You can click the links below to the original pictures on Flickr for details.

Hooray, now I’m up-to-date again!

My menu plans with this week’s greens include Taze Fasulye (Turkish beans) and a veggie stirfry with pak choi, beans, the last bit of previous week’s cabbage, carrot & tempeh bacon. Yes, I’ve made my first batch of tempeh bacon with the liquid smoke I was finally able to get at the September Streekmarkt!

Tempeh bacon

Gnoe goes ExtraVeganza!


Currently grazing

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