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October 3rd’s Sort-a-Bento is almost the last in row of my bento post backlog. I only need to write about the one I forgot in August (!): Hartpad Bento #151 — but I’m going to cheat and predate that one to keep things in a neat order. ;)
After that I’m up-to-date and ready to share this week’s bentos!

Sort-a-Bento #157 (03-10-2011)

Monday’s working lunch didn’t start out as a bento but turned into one anyway on its own accord. As you can see there’s a fall theme going on, with a hint of lingering summer!

Upper container: fruit salad (raspberries, apple, pear, banana) with a dressing of lemon juice, agave nectar, cinnamon, black pepper, sereh, fresh ginger and dry mint leaves.

Sammy box on the right: Flemish Christoph bread for a sandwich with hummus, lettuce, tomato, radish and garlic olive.

Lower container: vegetable salad of lettuce & broad-leaved endive topped with a mix of radish, cucumber, gherkin, avocado, steamed green beans, oven-roasted pumpkin and ‘carrot confetti’. Red miso-sesame dressing.

I don’t often bring sweets but this time I had a yummy homebaked pumpkin-ginger cupcake with cinnamon-vanilla frosting for dessert!!!


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