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I had a nice crunchy summer salad for lunch today!

Bento #58 contained:

Lower tier

  • summer fruit (cherries & raspberries)
  • scrambled eggs with tomato and shallot (this sweet type of onion fits the egg dish really well)
  • homemade tzatziki
  • whole-wheat croutons and chermoula dressing both for the summer salad

Upper tier

  • Romaine leaves
  • homegrown bean sprouts
  • radishes
  • tomato
  • basil

A perfect bento to start the week with! And to end the month, since I’ll be working at home tomorrow.

The tzatziki came out really well so fortunately there was no need for Gnoe’s tips against garlic breath ;)

The chermoula dressing was a diluted version of our freshly made coriander chermoula for the Moroccan carrot soup we ate this weekend. I promise to post all recipes some other day :)

Last weekend summer officially started and we’ve been having some fine weather in Holland since then! So on Thursday it was time for a mediterranean bento (#56).

Upper tier

  • currants
  • black olives
  • dressing for Greek salad
  • cashews with Provencal herbs
  • basil

Lower tier

  • Romaine leaves
  • basil
  • black olive
  • mix of feta goat’s cheese, tomato, spring onion, sundried tomato and red bell pepper

The salad leaves, paprika, basil and red currants all came from our weekly organic veggie bag!

Friday 19th’s bento (#55) was another good one :) I used a lot from our weekly bag of veggies from De Aardvlo, organic vegetable gardens nearby!

The upper tier contains a salad of corn kernels, tomato (*), red bell pepper (*), black olives, shallot, leek white (*), gherkin, lettuce (*), chickpea, basil (*), feta cheese and dressing from Oil & Vinegar fruschetta mix.

The lower tier contains:

All ingredients with ‘*’ added came from our veggiebag! For the rest of the week (until Wednesday) we only have some more lettuce, broccoli, leek, basil and garlic onions left. That will not be a problem ;)

This is the bento I took to the office on Monday May 10th. It was put together quite quickly!

It contains broccoli quiche (bought), radishes, basil, a small piece of emmental cheese, homegrown mustard cress and dito bean sprouts (taugeh), cucumber and a dressing of soy sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil. Homegrown bean sprouts taste soooo much better!

Yay, my next bento will be number 50! :-o

Thursday and Friday were moving days at the office. For me, Friday was the first day in the new building. I brought a bento with side dishes since I didn’t know yet how hungry I would be from all the hard labour, nor if I would be able to buy any food in or near the office site (it’s not located near town anymore). But there seems to be a canteen that I can go check out next week.

Bento  #33 on Flickr


  • corn with several herbs
  • boiled egg
  • pine nuts and sun-dried tomato for the pasta salad side dish
  • carrot
  • again a container of humus and mojo Palermo with capers (I am almost out of the mojo that my mother in law brought us from La Palma)
  • mini crackers and bounty
  • salt & pepper for the egg
  • sesame nibbles
  • nut mix
  • and two pickles rolled in fake meat slice.

On the side some yogurt with prune jelly (homemade by my mother in law).

Bento  #32 on Flickr

Contents of Thursday November 8’s bento:

  • stir-fried spinach with corn and sesame
  • pasta salad
  • dried cranberries and bilberries
  • mustard cheese cubes
  • yoghurt coated dried apricots
  • sesame nibbles
  • smoked almonds
  • small crackers
  • a light coke
  • and a smint for a fresh breath afterwards.

Notice the nuts, fruits and seeds theme?

Druiven in CappadociëNo picture of bento 28 but a nice picture of grapes that we took with our new camera on our holiday in Cappadocia (Turkey). You see, our old photo camera broke just two days before our vacation! I discovered that while making photos of bento #28, the last bento I took to work.

Of course this bento contained some green grapes. Along side iceberg salad, wild tomatoes, cream cheese with herbs (Boursin), small crackers, green olives, some carrot, Italian nibbles (Genoa’s) and a vegetarian sausage. On the side I took an apple and some forest fruit yoghurt.

Another bento day! #22 on the 11th day of the month.

I had salade caprese: cherry tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Next to that some yellow bell pepper, olives marinated in herb dressing and romaine salad in the top tier.

Bento #22 on Flickr

The bottom tier looks a bit bland (colour composing is a job as well ;) but it tasted great anyway ;) There’s a red hot chili pepper vegetarian space bar (sausage) lying on a bed of carrots, little crackers, hummus in the cup with a tuff of parsley, a gherkin wrapped in vegetarian shiitake fillet and again a mini milky way (I like its colour maybe even better than the taste LOL). A yoghurt on the side.

Still no one at work dares to say anything about the bento’s I bring… Weird isn’t it?

Bento 5

I ate today’s bento on the train journey home because I had been in a meeting all day :-o And I don’t feel comfortable enough yet to eat my bento in public ;)

Well, that’s not completely true: I was also just too busy — and I did eat my side dish of yogurt and fresh nectarine!

This morning I was in quite a hurry to leave once I had finished compiling my bento (although it really didn’t take much time) so apologies  for the bad picture quality.


  • boiled egg
  • salad of romaine, beans, broccoli, radish
  • cherry tomatoes
  • pesto and balsamic dressing
  • hazelnuts (toasted)
  • little Boursin cream cheese balls with herbs and olives
  • basil leaves
  • fennel crackers
  • nectarine (on the side) mixed with a little lemon juice and honey
  • organic yogurt (on the side)
  • carrot (on the side)

Except for the egg, crackers and side dishes I threw everything together to have one big healthy salad. It was delicious!

Tomorrow’s bento lunch will consist of:

  • pasta salad (made of tonight’s pasta leftover)
  • green salad with red onion, pine nuts and blue cheese dressing
  • small piece of italian cracker and fennel cracker
  • marinated chestnut mushroom
  • some radishes and a carrot
  • an apple (on the side)
  • kitkat mini

It’s the first bento I am going to take to work… I didn’t think I would ever dare do that and now I am already bringing the second bento I make! (Not counting exercise bento #0 ;)

Let’s hope I don’t forget to make a picture before leaving because I’ll probably be sleepy ;)

ETA (tadaah):

Bento #2, 05-07-2010

Gnoe goes ExtraVeganza!


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