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Well… after bento #92 I had even less in my fridge and cupboards, but viris’ lunch inspired me to make a chickpea salad to take on the walk I had planned for Wednesday: Amerongse Berg. Like bento-ing, hiking has been kind of slow. Again, there are many excuses that you really don’t want to hear ;)

I have a lot of exercising to do this month, will I be able to accomplish my 100 Mile Fitness Challenge before April 1st: right now I’m at 102 kilometers = 63 miles. So I’m glad I made a new start yesterday, even though I had to opt for a shortcut because I wasn’t feeling too well. I still had a really great time! The weather was great: cold, but sunny all day long. You should have heard those birds sing… Wow. Spring is really coming!

So what exactly did I put into bento #93?

Bento #93, 10 March 2010

Top tier: carrot, walnuts, mini smarties, gingerbread with honey and crackers.

Lower tier: oyster mushrooms baked with garlic, traditionally cut gherkin, salad of garbanzos, tomato (fresh and sundried), spring onion, a few green beans and a tiny bit of fenugreek cheese, lemon juice, olive oil extra vierge with Tuscan herbs, black pepper, African Peper Mix spices, dried basil and chives. Topped with two fenugreek cheese flowers.

On the side (not shown): plain tab water and apple juice.

The spot next to Amerongen Castle where I had planned to eat my lunch, turned out to be way too drafty in this cold weather because the bench is set on a dike overlooking the polder (as you can see in my photo set on Flickr). So after a few bites I packed up my bento again en went along. Unfortunately the park service had decided to prune trees on this nice day and access to a particular part of the trail that I had looked forward to was prohibited, so I took a short detour. Anyway, here’s where I finally did enjoy my bento, sitting quietly on a sunny bench… :)

View from lunch spot on Amerongse Berg hike

Organic: carrot, walnut, honey, garlic, chickpeas.

Today’s bento was made of several leftovers from the weekend: lentil salad of lentilles de Puy that we bought in France when we visited Puy-en-Velay, ‘Moors & Christians‘ (Moros y Cristianos) and a baked veggie mix with gherkins. Cups topped with parsley or fennel leaves. Next to it I put some radish and (invisible) dried cranberries for sweetness.

The corn cob is coated with lemon infused extra vierge oil, which I like a lot, as you may have read in my recent post about cute olive oil bottles :) At the moment the picture was taken it was still frozen, but this morning I cut it in half to fit my bento box. Next to it are more radish flowers, parsley, yellow cherry tomatoes and a dressing, all on a bed of Roman lettuce. On the side I brought some fresh fruit… What do you think: is my apple small or the plum big??? :-o

You may or may not have noticed: bento #74 was completely vegan. And it was delicious!

Als je zelf alleen maar een balkon hebt, is het natuurlijk slim om je op een zomerse dag voor de lunch te laten uitnodigen bij iemand met een Echte Tuin :) En zo genoot ik woensdag van een heerlijke middagmaaltijd bij Elsje. Ze had lekkere broodjes, kaasjes en… YUMMY: verse fruitsalade! Met een heel assortiment drankjes ook nog :)

Gelukkig had ik — om niet voor uitvreter te worden uitgemaakt — mijn favoriete salade meegenomen: Insalata Caprese.

Deze mediterrane salade is supersimpel, maarrr… hoe beter de ingrediënten, hoe lekkerder!

Wat heb je nodig?

  • lekkere rijpe tomaten
  • buffelmozzarella
  • verse basilicum
  • goede olijfolie (extra vierge)
  • balsamicoazijn
  • vers gemalen (zee-)zout en peper
  • evt. honing

Snijd de tomaten en mozzarella in plakjes en arrangeer die op een mooie schaal of simpel bord met de verse basilicum. Let op: neem niet de grootste blaadjes maar een medium size (ca. 3 cm lang); die zijn frisser van smaak.

Maak een dressing van de aceto balsamico en olijfolie, met zout en peper uit de molen en eventueel een beetje honing. Biologische acaciahoning van De Traay vinden wij hier het lekkerst :) Goed kloppen (of schudden in een afgesloten potje), zodat een homogene massa ontstaat. Schenk de dressing over de salade en bestrooi met nog wat peper.

Olijfolie met Toscaanse kruiden van Oil & Vinegar is voor dit recept uitermate geschikt en de balsamicoazijn van deze winkel is ook stukken lekkerder dan die van de Appie. Nou ja, vinden wij dan (maar wie zijn wij? ;)

Bon appetit!

Friday’s bento was like a salad buffet.

It contained some more of those delicious Neapolitan beans, a summer salad of fresh ‘kapucijner’ peas (what is the correct English word?) field peas, tomato & herbs, and a yoghurt-garlic dip with veggies. Some extra parsley because of that :)

On the side a fruit salad of peaches and opal plums.

Without that tiny bit of dip sauce this bento would have been entirely vegan. But the white does make it look better, right? ;) Although I admit the picture isn’t too great — it was really late when I made it!

I should have taken my 66th bento on my 13,5 km NS-hike with the Wandelgrrls: Bieslandse Bos, from Delft to Zoetermeer. Why? Because it makes me think of the famous song Route 66! And… MaaikeB brought her first bento ever for lunch! She’s got the most beautiful bento box, a gift all the way from Tokyo. Lucky grrl! :)

Anyway, we took off early (for a Sunday morning) so I didn’t have much time to plan a real lunchbox. That’s why bento #66 only traveled by train from Utrecht to Apeldoorn on Monday ;) And it contained the following…

Upper tier

  • Salad of grilled zucchini and bell pepper, lettuce, tomato, spring onion, capers and basil leaves

Lower tier

  • Dried cranberries and strawberries
  • 1/4 mini quiche made of leftovers: chard, goats cheese (feta) with basil, pine nuts and egg
  • Carrots
  • Walnut
  • Basil and parsley

Salad of leek, tomato, cucumber, gherkin, lettuce, grilled zucchini, red onion and parsley, to be topped with pine nuts & walnut from the other tier.

Houmous with harissa, yoghurt coated apricot, plum tomatoes, cucumber & carrot sticks, homemade parsley pesto with walnut.

Cracker and yoghurt with cooked red currants on the side.

Last Friday’s bento (#64):
Licorice (sugarfree), crushed walnuts for the salad, farm cheese, red berries, radishes, parsley and a rice salad (rice, dried apricots, tomato, sundried tomato, parsley, cucumber, gherkin, capers, peas) with a dressing of honey, wine vinegar, raspberry vinegar, oregano, salt ’n pepper.

I’m not superstitious and I don’t believe Friday the 13th means bad luck. Hey, on Fridays it’s almost W.E.E.K.E.N.D.! But Monday the 13th… Yaiks, that’s something else indeed! I don’t like Mondays… And now both July and August bring us that black day :(

Today I hoped to balance things out a bit by bringing bento #61 to work: 6 + 1 = lucky number 7! :)

First tier:

  • bed of romaine lettuce
  • pesto egg with sundried tomato
  • carrot
  • hot pepper (from the balcony) with houmous
  • slice of cucumber
  • cauliflower florets
  • black olives
  • pine nuts

I also added some walnut after making the picture.

Second tier:

  • mexican nut mix (‘pepita mix‘)
  • carrot sticks
  • seedless grapes
  • pasta salad (corn, hot pepper, (fresh & sundried) tomato, pine nuts, pesto, basil, red tofu)

This bento really helped me get through my busy day! :)

Of course macaroni rigate is a bit too large for a real pasta salad but I am not small-minded when it comes to using leftovers!

BTW: did you spot the 3 song titles in this post??? Answers behind the cut :)

I present to you: Thursday 9th of July’s bento (#60).

Upper tier:

  • quiche wedge (rocket salad*, potato*, pine nuts, cheese, egg*)
  • basil*
  • seedless grapes
  • red & black currants*
  • homegrown bean sprouts*
  • radish
  • emmental La vache qui rit cheese
  • homegrown garden cress*

Lower tier

  • beet* salad on romaine leaves* (go to bento #59 for ingredients)
  • gherkin
  • radish
  • dill*

All ingredients marked with ‘*’ were organic. We got some new garden beet in our veggie bag this week. What shall we prepare with them this time? Their leaves, which are almost the same as (Swiss) chard and can be processed like spinach, we already ate in a Italian pasta sauce.

Veggiebag week 28-2009
I decided I would like to be able to look up what came in our weekly Aardvlo bag of organic vegetables. At the end of each year there’s a questionnaire about what you would love to get more often — or what you didn’t like so much. A question that’s easier to answer when you can remember what you got! :-o

So, week 28 of 2009 brought us: a whole bag of basil (we made some fresh pesto sauce and used that on bruschettas, in a salad dressing and for a pasta salad), a head of lettuce, leeks (we had some oven steamed with cheese; there’s one stalk left which we will probable eat with nasi goreng), tomatoes, red beet with leaves, red and black berries.

Are you all really jealous now? ;)

I can see the questioning looks asking WHY this bento (#59) would be so unusual… Well, normally I don’t have a Wednesday bento :) And this was a really good one as well! Containing:

  • salad of organic romaine leaves, potatoes, oven roasted red beet, spring onion, red onion, dill and gherkin in a yoghurt dressing
  • piece of (organic) rucola (rocket), potato, cheese and pine nuts quiche
  • tiny radish
  • edamame sprinkled with sea salt
  • hot pepper (from the balcony) filled with houmous
  • walnuts
  • homegrown bean sprouts
  • organic gooseberries

It was a well balanced bento with that spicy red pepper and some fresh bean sprouts to cool down with. Yummy!

I’m looking forward to today’s surprise bag: what kind of organic vegetables will we get this week?

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