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Quickpicnicbento #87Today’s bento-for-two was assembled in a hurry before going on a 16 km (10 mile) hike across the Kampina nature reserve (walking from Boxtel to Oisterwijk). The picture was taken quickly too — there was no time to mess around with furoshiki’s etc. because Mr Gnoe and I wanted to be on our way before the cleaning lady arrived ;)

(So the clear background has nothing to do with your picture preferences, elm@! ;)

Wilde craneWe threw together some edamame (with African peper) and salsa picante as dip for a veggie nugget. Mini wiener sandwich rolls with garden cress, two boiled eggs, and a small bag of cashews to put in between the mini bread rolls. It may not look too great but it actually was quite good; kept us on our feet when we got tired & hungry.

The hike was wonderful, even though the weather could have been better; it was foggy and we even had some rain. Photos of our day can be found on Flickr. Today was extra special because for the first time in my life I have seen real life wild cranes! They are beautiful birds! Let’s hope they bring us luck, like the Japanese believe :)

I want to use the opportunity for a progress report on my 100 Mile Fitness Challenge. Last update was on the first day of autumn (Wednesday October 21st), when I had managed a total of 7 miles. My main ‘workout’ activities since then have been yoga, some cycling, walking around our city canal and last Sunday I danced A LOT on the Shabushabu, Oruutaichi, La Veuve Moustachue and maho+thaidisco concert in Rotterdam. I must have been swinging uninterrupted for at least two hours! It definitely was a great night out :)

I’m down to a total of 37 miles! And in only three weeks, since I didn’t join the challenge before October 20th. With 7 1/2 more weeks left of 2009, it must be possible to walk those 100 miles before January 1st!

Some strange coincidences happening this week. Today we met just one party of other hikers — including someone of my yoga group! That’s weird since the Kampina is in a whole different province. And the concert on Sunday attracted a maximum of 50 people… among which a former best friend of my brother I hadn’t seen in years! Holland really isn’t that small LOL! Many things happen in threes… what chance occurence will happen in the next few days???

Kampina Hike

Remember last time when I thought I had some frozen edamame left but I didn’t? Well… I did too :\ Silly me. In the picture they’re still frozen but this morning after cooking I seasoned them with some African Peper spice mix (no typo), together with the corn cob. There’s not much corn left, so don’t get bored yet!

Only half a bento today because yesterday I came home late from a trip to Rotterdam, where I visited an exhibition about ‘Edward Hopper in his time’ and had a great dinner at Bazar. Have you ever heard of a dish called koekoe? I hadn’t, but it was delicious! It seemed to be sort of a potato soufflé. Maybe I can add some links and/or pictures to this post in the weekend, because now I need to hurry up and get to bed.

Half-a-Bento #84

So what was accompanying the edamame beans? Clockwise: marinated olives, a head of corn salad, rice crackers, smoked almonds, corn cob (ah, I already mentioned that didn’t I), dried strawberries and houmous. All centered around a sheep’s cheese sheep.

On the side I brought an apple and two sandwiches because a grrl can’t go hungry!

Alas, no bento on Friday: it was either updating my posts or making a bento. Not an easy decision but one I had to make ;)

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