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Yesterday’s Obon bento was 10 days early for the actual ‘Festival of Souls’ but it was the anniversary of my father’s death and my brother & I decided to spend it walking the next stage of our hiking project through the green core of Holland (Groene Hartpad).

Round container: apple (Ringo! ;) slices in fresh lemon juice.

Upper tier: broccoli cress & parsley with spices, lemon juice for dressing, lettuce, cucumber and root kinpira made of carrot, Tokyo turnip and a little fennel, topped with wasabi flavoured sesame seeds.

Rectangular container: courgette soup (zucchini) with fresh mint.

Lower tier: savory Swiss chard pie with leftover cheeses (Blacksticks Blue, Floortje Fenegriek goat cheese with fenugreek), Skwinkels: Mexican red hot chili candy.

It was all delicious. And today my bento heart skipped a beat when I opened our mailbox: more goodies to play with! yes, I’ve been a bad grrl… but it makes me happy!

Today's mail!

Click on the picture to discover my new treasures!

Homegrown: broccoli cress.
Local & organic: parsley, cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, carrot, French turnip, fennel, beet greens.
Organic: eggs.

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