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HoningstickYesterday I was home late after an appointment for work in Amsterdam and visiting a friend with a new baby, so I went to bed immediately without making preparations for my bento. Consequently I found it difficult to get out of bed this morning ;) So bento #62 was made in a hurry — I even forgot to photograph my honey stick.
What would we do without mobile phones? ;)

Bento #62 contained:

  • gingerbread
  • cashews with herbes de Provence
  • raspberries
  • edamame with sea salt
  • smurrie-egg (egg with curry, tomato, paprika and parsley)
  • bed of lettuce
  • honey on the side (gingerbread topping)

Edamame is really easy to prepare, especially frozen ones — and there are no (or hardly any) fresh beans available in Holland. So check out the freezer of your local Asian store.

  1. Bring water to a boil; for fast cooking I use my water cooker and then pour the boiling water in a small pan.
  2. Add a little salt (this can be omitted because of stage 5).
  3. Put in the edamame and boil for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Drain and cool down quickly by pouring over cold water (or throw the beans in cold water).
  5. Sprinkle thoroughly with freshly ground sea salt.

Yes, I know too much salt is unhealthy, but I normally don’t use it a lot and I eat pretty healthy anyway, so I don’t worry about my salty edamame. The salt on your lips is so good when you suck the beans out of their pods… Sounds yummy? ;)

Each time I have to choose again between putting whole beans in my bento or shelling them. Without their pods they (obviously) take less room and they are nice & shiny. But.. they dry out quickly as well so considering taste it is better to leave them unpeeled until the moment of consumption.


Okee, niet iedere bento kan een schoonheidsprijs winnen ;) Ik moest vandaag weer aan het werk en had gisteravond opeens veel meer voor te bereiden dan verwacht… Bovendien is onze koelkast door de vakantie wat slecht uitgerust qua veggies en restjes. Bento #53 werd dus niet meer dan dit.Bento #53 (a quicky) by you.

  • plakjes radijs en augurk
  • SkyFlakes crackers (verstopt)
  • geroosterde amandelen met mediterrane kruiden (uit Madeira)
  • humus
  • mijn laatste geitenkaas babybel uit Frankrijk
  • basilicum en mini pruimtomaatjes
  • ontbijtkoekboompjes en honing voor erbij

Goed smaken deed het toch wel! :))

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