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Meatless Monday Mihun Bento (13-10-2014)

Yesterday I had my first bento lunch in a long time. That makes me happy. :)

Meatless Monday Bihun Bento

Curious about the contents of this bento?

Right tier
Mihoen (bihun) goreng with faux chick’n leftovers from Soy, my local Chinese vegetarian restaurant, topped with fried courgette and parsley.

Left tier
Red Batavia lettuce, tomato, creamy borlotti-balsamic bean spread (recipe from Think! Eat! Act! A Sea Shepard’s Chef Vegan Recipes by Raffaella Tolicetti), pickles, kalamata olives, and a spoonful of capers.

On the side
Rosemary crackers.

Where from?

I won the Sea Shepard’s vegan cookbook I few months ago on Lisa’s Project Vegan blog and the recipes I’ve tried so far are all thumbs up! I hope to spend a post on the book sometime soon so I can link it up to Trish’s Cook It Up — but let’s not get ahead of myself. I used local borlotti beans out of our organic CSA haul for the bean spread this past weekend. Other local and organic ingredients in this lunch are zucchini, lettuce, tomato and parsley.

 I hope I’ll be presenting my next bento again soon… See you then?


I had meant to do a Sunday Salon about challenges today, but as I’m on a roll with my bento backlog I’d better get on with that. Bihun Bento it is!

Bihun Bento (04-04-2012)

Wednesday April 4th 2012.

Office lunch which I got to eat at home as I was ill — a good thing I had lunch ready!

Leftover Pad Thai (baked up with sambal and spices), steamed broccoli, gherkin and salad vegetables in the middle tier: rocket, alfalfa sprouts, tomato and parsley.

Gingerbread with soy butter and agave syrup in the other, a mix of dry roasted almonds, salted sunflower seeds and dried cranberries, soy flavoured ramen wheat noodle snack (leftover from our Hanami picnic) and peanut sauce as a condiment to the broccoli. Those shiny balls on the right are sweet coconut cookies that I baked for my Saturday movie night with the grrls on which we watched Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter — a great film! The cookie recipe is from Lisette in Luilekkerland and I like it!

Then there’s apple in lemon juice on the side and cassava crackers in the colourful snack bag.

People often wonder if making bentos isn’t a lot of work. I’ll admit I takes a little more time than necessary, but that’s just because I’m slow. ;) By using leftovers and things at hand it can be put together quite quickly: you really don’t need to cook especially for a bento. Look at this one for example.


  • Pad Thai
  • peanut sauce
  • coconut cookie balls
  • ramen noodle snack
  • cassava crackers


  • dried fruit & nut mix

Extra work:

  • nuking the broccoli in the microwave, taking just a few seconds — and not necessary if it had been a leftover from another day,
  • frying up the bihun noodles — not really required but I chose to give my previous dinner a twist,
  • buttering & sweetening my slice of gingerbread — not necessary as it’s really good without but I like it even better this way,
  • chopping up some crudités,
  • cutting an apple and sprinkling it with lemon juice — obviously unnecessary if you bring a whole apple but I can’t eat it that way because of the glued on metal splint behind my teeth (a leftover from braces).

So, is that easier than you expected?

If I can keep up the good work, tomorrow will bring the last of my outstanding bento posts!

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