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Last stop before traveling non-stop to Tokyo

Last stop before traveling non-stop to Tokyo

Ha! On the last day of our holiday (*sigh*) Eek & Gnoe planted their first travel bug in a geocache! Miffy (or Nijntje in Dutch) is non-stop on her way to Tokyo :) Well, non-stop… first she had to say goodbye to her hometown Utrecht at Nijntjepleintje (‘Miffy Court’)! What do you think: will this delft-ware Miffy clog reach Japan during our lifetime?

The name of this ‘TB’ was inspired by the Pizzicato Five song Nonstop to Tokyo.

And yes, I know I have too many hobbies..! :\


This week Weekly Geeks asked:

Do you live in a place where a famous author was born? Does your town have any cool literary museums or monuments?

D’oh! Maybe you won’t know the best known author of my hometown Utrecht, Dick Bruna, but most people LOVE his famous character: Miffy! Which is, btw, known as Nijntje by Dutch readers. That’s her real name ;)

Miffy is almost as well known as Hello Kitty :) And I really don’t have any feelings for the Kitty cat, but I can’t help feeling sympathy for little rabbit Nijntje :) Even though I didn’t have any books about Miffy when I was small. My best friend did!

My brother and I had one book by Bruna each. Mine was The fish (published in 1962, that’s 8 years after I was born :)) It’s about a little fish that’s sad because the swans and ducks in the pond eat all the bread that’s been fed to them. Then a little girl falls into the water and… the fish rescues her! After that (s)he can have all the bread it wants :)

As you might have noticed there’s no Miffy in this book, LOL. But it’s one of the author’s first stories!

Miffy chocolates!

Miffy, or okay, Dick Bruna ;) has its own museum in Utrecht: Dick Bruna House. And there’s a chain of Dutch bookstores called Bruna. Is that a coincidence?

Now I’m going to be generous here: anyone who would like a postcard of Miffy: mail me your address ;)

Tell me: did you know Miffy? Or am I imagining things? ;)

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