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It’s time for some more grrrrrrls on Mash-up Monday! Here’s the Britney vs. Whinehouse erm… Winehouse mash-up of Toxic Rehab. Enjoy!

Todays song might not become a classic, but in light of the events of last week(s) it seems appropriate to present you with this Mighty Mike Patrick Swayze vs. Michael Jackson mash-up: Beat the Wind.

I wish I was geeky enough to make my own mash-up, so I could add China in Your Hand by T’pau — because I keep hearing that song in my head while listening to the Swayze – Jackson duet. Of course she isn’t dead yet ;)

Anyone out there who would like to give it a try? Then RIP-it maestro!

This Every Car You Chase mash-up by Partyben became a huge hit about a year ago. Having been a fan of The Police as a teenager I very much like it as well :) But it seems Snow Patrol wasn’t too taken by it — quite a different attitude than The Pet Shop Boys had about the Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly mash-up!

Cover Love Comes Running Up That Hill QuicklyToday I want to share another WONDERFUL mash-up: it made me aware of the existence of mash-ups altogether ;)

I hope you’ll enjoy Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly: DJ Magnets composition of Kate Bushes Running Up That Hill, the cover by Placebo and Love Comes Quickly by the Pet Shop Boys.

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