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Has anyone been wondering what happened to my weekly (b)logging of CSA vegetables? I omitted 2 and missed 1 because we #failed to pick up our veggie bag when we were on a short holiday in week 26. Time to catch up!

Amelishof CSA vegetables week 27, 2010

Veggie loot week 27, 2010

  • rocket
  • radishes (French breakfast & icicle)
  • romaine lettuce
  • cucumber
  • sweethearts cabbages
  • field peas

Cukes are always met with a big ‘hooray’ because they taste so good — recalling cucumbers from past times. Strangely enough their organic siblings from the supermarket do not bring the same sensation. That probably has to do with the time and effort invested in the product.

Fresh field peas are great too; I only came to know of them last year thanks to our CSA veggies! (Weeks 30 and 31) They’re completely different from their tinned congeners; tasting a bit like fava beans — not ‘mealy’ like brown beans.

The radishes are the last of the season and the white ones have gotten a bit thickskinned, but nothing a potato peeler can’t take care of ;) They’re obviously related to daikon. We could have used them like that but mostly ate them as a snack or salad anyway.

Other dishes with the greens: pointed cabbage patties (YUM!) and spicy cabbage with foe yong hai (egg foo young) and nasi goreng (fried rice).

Kapucijner peas ready to go

The field peas were stir-fried & stewed shortly with garlic, sundried tomatoes and served with fresh basil & ground pepper. Really nice as a side dish to ricotta cheese filled omelet with tomato and herbs!

Amelishof CSA vegetables week 28, 2010

This week’s vegetables (week 28, 2010)

  • lettuce
  • radicchio
  • fava beans
  • Chinese cabbage
  • tomatoes
  • basil
  • rosemary

Menu planner for the week

  • Broad beans with cheese sauce, served with oven-baked potato, veggie bratwurst and radicchio salad with bell pepper, cranberries & red dressing (mayo, mustard & ketchup). [Friday]
  • Spicy stir-fried Chinese cabbage with cashews & cilantro, rice, emping and salad. [Saturday]
  • Salad of Chinese cabbage with homegrown radish cress, spring onion and orange dressing, served with tomato rice and hazelnut ragout. [Sunday]
  • Ratatouille with couscous and Parmesan cheese, salad. [Tuesday]

On Monday we’ll be eating out :) And on Wednesday… well, the next batch of veggies will arrive!

Do you plan your weekly menu as well?

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Join Beth Fish’s weekend cooking with a food-related post!

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Friday’s bento was like a salad buffet.

It contained some more of those delicious Neapolitan beans, a summer salad of fresh ‘kapucijner’ peas (what is the correct English word?) field peas, tomato & herbs, and a yoghurt-garlic dip with veggies. Some extra parsley because of that :)

On the side a fruit salad of peaches and opal plums.

Without that tiny bit of dip sauce this bento would have been entirely vegan. But the white does make it look better, right? ;) Although I admit the picture isn’t too great — it was really late when I made it!

What to do? Deze week zitten er kapucijners in onze groentetas! Ja, dat schrijf je met een k, niet met een c ;) Ik ben er eigenlijk niet zo dol op en heb dan ook geen creatieve idee├źn (wel met een c) voor verwerking :\ Ach, van die melige ballen uit blik zijn natuurlijk iets heel anders dan zo vers uit de peul! Ik verwacht in ieder geval meer bite ;)

Toevalligerwijze staat er voor komende dagen al een van onze all-time favourites op het menu: frijoles (mexicaanse bonen), dus ik denk dat we de kidneybeans uit blik maar vervangen door deze verse bonen. Of het wordt een combinatie. Gedeelde vreugd is dubbele vreugd dus ik zal het recept hiervoor spoedig posten :) Het is gebaseerd op een gerecht van Eethuis Iris in Eindhoven.

Verder in de tas:

  • kropsla
  • prei
  • courgettes
  • venkelknol
  • bos koriander

Met de rest van de groentes maken we waarschijnlijk nog een maaltijd uit een, inmiddels aardig beduimeld, kookboekje van Eethuis Iris: Heerlijke vegetarische menu’s. Hoe klinkt dit: preiquiche, gebakken courgette met zonnebloempitjes, Napolitaanse witte bonen en venkel-tomatensalade? Alsof het op de tas van deze week is uitgezocht!

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