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Last Monday bento #76 wrapped up the month of August ‘lunchwise’.

The last bento of August (#76)Clockwise: spicy pasta salad I made with fruschetta dip mix of Oil & Vinegar. Accompanying it are some pickled black garlic olives of which I picked up a huge jar (and I mean HUGE) in our local organic shop.

In the next tier there’s salad dressing, gherkin, tomato runner beans on a bed of lettuce. The small (one tier) not-really-bento box of Japanware I found in my hometown, contains rye bread with 20+ farmer’s cheese, Pan de OrejĆ³n (slices of apricot with almond cake) and plain brown sunflower bread hiding underneath, to eat with my salad. And obviously there’s a small piece of corn cob in the center.

On Monday night I discovered that Kipstrik bought a bento box while visiting Kopenhagen, but she hasn’t used it yet… I look forward to seeing her first bento lunch appearing in her weblog!

CSA/local produce: corn, lettuce, tomato and runner beans.


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