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Friday bento’s are allowed to contain something extra. That’s just a personal rule ;) Otherwise I might be tempted to buy a bag of potato chips (or something of the kind) at the railway station on my way back home :-o The weekend starts on Friday after work, you see :)

Plenty Bento #91

So what nice foodies did I bring this time? Clockwise: grapefruit juice, fishy with FairTrade balsamico-mango splash for dressing and roasted nuts as salad topping, dried red fruit (cranberries & strawberries), corn salad, egg tortilla with onion, corn kernels and root parsley, celery leaf on top. More stewed pears, more switchback cut practice (on cucumber; looks better than the gherkin, doesn’t it?), raddichio, celery and goat’s cheese sprinkled with dried basil.

If you think this bento is lacking carbohydrates.. you’re absolutely right ;) But I had two sandwiches on the side that were too dull to photograph ;)

As I mentioned in my post about Earth Bento I learned the traditional cut called chigai-giri from Hiroshi Nagashima’s book The Decorative Art of Japanese Food Carving, which I allowed myself to buy because of the November Hello Japan! mission. But… you can all start practicing today! Just go over to JustBento (my favourite) for Maki’s tutorial and have fun :)

Mind you, she does say:

There’s more than one way to do this cut,

And that’s true. The technique shown in my new book is so ingenious there aren’t any leftover pieces! :)) Maybe I’ll share that with you some other time. [How-to posted]

CSA (& organic): corn salad, parsley, root parsley, pears, raddichio.
Organic: egg, cucmber, cranberries, onion.


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