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I was away and didn’t get to post about bentos #107 and #108 until today. Yes, I’ve even been bentoing during my holiday!

Clearing Out the Fridge Bento (#107 a.k.a. #1)

This travel bento was quickly put together by Mr Gnoe on June 25th, when we went away on a short trip to one of the Dutch Wadden Islands: Schiermonnikoog. Of course we had to clear out the fridge for our absence, and what better way to do that than bento-wise? ;)

I must say that Mr Gnoe has previously contributed to some of my bentos, but never before did he make one all by himself. Or should I say — without me meddling? :P So that’s why bento #107 is also known as Number One.

Clearing Out the Fridge Bento #107 (a.k.a. #1)

Left tier: salad of small plum tomatoes, onions pickled in balsamic vinegar, gherkin and basil
Middle tier
: boiled eggs, asparagus and capers
Right tier
: basil, falafel balls and … sauce (I can’t remember what kind: I’ll have to ask Mr Gnoe later today! > look here)

Birthday Boy Beach Bento (#108)

During our short holiday we celebrated Mr Gnoe’s birthday by having a sundown picnic on the beach. Together we compiled this summer night bento, with several additions from the deli — as you can see ;)

Ah, it was such a lovely evening with a beautiful sunset!

Birthday Boy Beach Bento #108

Top row: egg salad, red pepper-sundried tomato spread, pesto, Provençal olives
Left tier: cucumber and marinated goats’ cheese (homemade) on a bed of rocket
Middle tier: Père Joseph trappist cheese, tomato
Right tier: more cukes and peach
On the side: Italian scrocchi crackers
Not shown: mini ciabbatas, prosecco rosé

Recipe for marinated goats’ cheese

Marinated goats’ cheese is delicious and very easy to make. Just get yourself a good cheese (preferably ripened), cut it into chunks and refrigerate these for several hours in a marinade of good olive oil and (balsamic) vinegar with garlic, salt, pepper and herbs of your choice. We had brought a mix of dried Italian herbs from home and made do with that :)

Organic: all veggies and fruit, goats’ cheese, falafel and egg.

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