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Leftover Love Bento #175

My mind is set on spring so for Wednesday’s bento I pulled out the sweet sakura furoshiki that Nat from In Spring it is the Dawn got me. But my lunch consisted solely of winter veggies. Alas? Nooo, it was still good! :)

There are oven roasted root vegetables (beetroot, potato, carrot, celeriac, onion and yellow turnip), with agave and fresh thyme, accompanied by one of my all-time favourite dishes: nasi goreng — fried rice Indonesian style.

The upper container holds a gherkin on a bed of red Battavia lettuce, a sauce of oven roasted garlic as a condiment to the sweet roots, and the bean burgers Uniflame posted from Linda Doeser’s Vegetarian: 100 best recipes. Unfortunately these were rather a disappointment. I found them ‘mealy’ and the only flavour coming through was cumin. Although that is one of my favourite spices, I expect a burger to have a more complex taste. And of course they fell apart. O_o
My usual handicap — even though I chopped the mushrooms very fine, as Uniflame suggested. I probably should have added breadcrumbs, and maybe let them rest a while longer?

To be honest, I think last week’s beet burgers from PPK spoiled me, setting the bar high for every next patty I try!

PPK's Quarter Pounder BEET Burger

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The last of my new furoshikis arrived this weekend: a cool blue & white dragon-fly design. I think it fits summer as well as winter :) I couldn’t say it better than Rusillio who tweeted:

i like the natural theme of the pattern, delicate but lively

The orizuru (crane) was made by my mother-in-law; I haven’t done any origami myself in a long, LONG time ;) But that might change in the near future when I’ll try this edible origami crane! Great bento dish :) But I guess I’ll need to practise first! ;)

I haven’t blogged yet about one bento: #71 (last Wednesday). Boy, I’m a whole week behind! ;)

  • tomato varieties (yellow/red, cherry/wild/ordinary)
  • basil & parsley
  • a few smoked almonds (almost invisible)
  • grilled zucchini
  • beet houmous
  • some sweets: several kinds of dried fruit and a real but tiny candy in green wrapping because of the colour ;)

Without the candy and yoghurt coated apricot (which I both didn’t eat btw because I was completely filled up ;) this bento would have been entirely vegan.

Don’t forget to look at this bento on Flickr too: not only will you find out what was in the lower tier, but you can also see how good my new summer furoshiki looked! :)

And this week? Not a single bento yet… Maybe tomorrow?

YAY! Gimme a lunch break like today a n y t i m e ! :)


Call me weird but after peeling off the first layer of packaging, I left the promising boxes unopened for about 15 minutes ;)

I’ve been crazy about furoshiki’s ever since I heard of their existence. At the time that was not related to bento at all but to giving presents — hey I love gift wrapping, beautiful textiles and paper as well! Not forgetting traditions and preservation ;)

Up until now I only had 2 small furoshiki’s fitting my bento’s: 1 spring, 1 autumn. Having just that pair made me extra careful with them :\ So… now I’ve got some new Japanese wrapping cloths to play with! :)

Most bento-ers know where to find the instructable for furoshiki wrapping techniques, but for those who don’t: go to the Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan! Yes, really.

My new treasures are designed by two different artists: Ichiro Tsuruta and Sybilla. Are you tempted to see my furoshiki’s unpacked? You might soon!

*** Real fans of Japanese presents and avid readers might also like Joy Hendry’s study of Wrapping Culture on Google books! Not just about furoshiki but the whole world of gift giving :) ***

Today I got some visitors at work that I had to take for lunch so I brought bento #69 as a treat on the way home at the end of the day. You’re looking at nacho chips and homemade salsa picante. The bottom tier contains some raw vegetables to dip as well.

Today’s bento may look a bit dull (and messy) but thankfully it still tasted great ;)

Bento 9

Top tier: rucola salad with cherry tomatoes, garden cress and cukes cut in weird wheels, next to broad beans.

Bottom tier: small wedge of spinach-cheesecake, La vache qui rit cheese wedge, container with pesto dressing for the salad, cheese crackers, roasted almonds and some more of the organic wheat, peanut, lentil and chickpea nibbles. Maybe I should have put those together with the almonds or at least have another divider, but I like to keep them for a while after I have finished my bento (and eat them in the train home). The tiny bag comes in handy then ;)

Scoop! On the side I had some blueberries – had never eaten them before in my life! What bento-ing can do for you ;)

I see I have to figure out how to keep the camera flash from reflecting too much in my food :( Some day I will all get it right LOL.

Next bento has to be a special one, since it will be bento #10!

And now, for something completely different… I am reading this really beautiful book by Kazuo Ishiguro: Never let me go. It’s an absolute must-read for all you booklovers out there! It was nominated for the 2005 Man Booker Prize. I really can’t understand why it lost from John Banville’s The Sea. Can you???

As you might know we love a colourful home. But except for walls painted in different colours we would also like to have some nice things on them. Well, today our Clifton Karhu Woodblock Print furoshiki arrived from Japan!

Most of Clifton Karhu’s works have strong colours. We’re sad to learn that he died in March this year.

We really love our new furoshiki but haven’t decided yet where to put it… Please help?

These are the different options… (numbers 1-4 from top to bottom):

Please let us know what you think?! That would be awesome, thanks!

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