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On our journey to the Hautes Alpes we had an Asian style lunch along the autoroute. All leftovers, packed by Mr Gnoe.

Bento En Route #194: lunch for two

The second tier from the left was actually more fanciful than it looks now, but we dropped the box when getting it out of the car. We were a bit impatient to have lunch, hence the carelessness. ;)

From left to right

  1. Homemade atjar ketimoen (cucumber pickles) with pickled white onions, gherkins, caperberries and a super chilli from the balcony. A small yellow heirloom tomato.
  2. Tempé goreng and a variation of heirloom tomatoes.
  3. Gado-gado leftovers: salad, cabbage, steamed carrots & green beans, baked tofu, spring onion and pecans for lack of peanut sauce.
  4. Can’t remember exactly what was in this tier but it must have been something like a salad with tofu, cucumber, spring onion and sesame seeds. Dressing in the small container. No need to mention the carrot – that one’s obvious!

Bento En Route #194: cold carrot soup

But that was not all. We had a long way to travel so we’d also made some Thai carrot soup. Contrary to what the thermos says, it was chilled. Yum! In celebration of summer we also had a huge snack box full of fruit: seedless grapes, strawberries and cherries.

Bento En Route #194: summer fruit snack

Of course we brought lots of other provisions -kind of a vegan emergency kit- but our main ‘meals on wheels’ consisted of the above. And then there were foods we bought along the road, but that’s something for another post. VeganMoFo is coming up soon!

What do you bring when you’re travelling?
Do you have any suggestions for our next trip?


Today’s bento was made of several leftovers from the weekend: lentil salad of lentilles de Puy that we bought in France when we visited Puy-en-Velay, ‘Moors & Christians‘ (Moros y Cristianos) and a baked veggie mix with gherkins. Cups topped with parsley or fennel leaves. Next to it I put some radish and (invisible) dried cranberries for sweetness.

The corn cob is coated with lemon infused extra vierge oil, which I like a lot, as you may have read in my recent post about cute olive oil bottles :) At the moment the picture was taken it was still frozen, but this morning I cut it in half to fit my bento box. Next to it are more radish flowers, parsley, yellow cherry tomatoes and a dressing, all on a bed of Roman lettuce. On the side I brought some fresh fruit… What do you think: is my apple small or the plum big??? :-o

You may or may not have noticed: bento #74 was completely vegan. And it was delicious!

Menthe á<br />             l'eau op een Frans terrasje We hebben geboekt! Onze wandelvakantie in Cappadocië is vorig jaar zo goed bevallen dat we zoiets opnieuw wilden doen. Maar dit keer wordt het Frankrijk. Doordat ik als kind altijd (en dan bedoel ik écht ALTIJD) naar Zuid-Frankrijk op vakantie ging, triggert dat land voor mij het ultieme vakantiegevoel. Ik verheug me nu al ontzettend op ontbijt met croissantjes, de geur van lavendel, stokbrood voor lunch en menthe á l’eau. En dan schuiven we ’s avonds aan bij het vegetarisch diner zodat we ons geen zorgen hoeven maken over ongewenste ingrediënten zoals paté au foie gras ;) We gaan namelijk naar het biologisch-vegetarisch pension La Garnasette in Rosières.

Onderweg stoppen we eerst nog 2 nachtjes in de ECOlonie in de lage Vogezen, om de beenspieren vast te trainen en niet het hele stuk ineens te hoeven rijden. Nu niet denken dat wij van die geitenwollensokkentypes zijn, want dat valt best mee ;) We huren bijvoorbeeld wel een auto om op de plaats van bestemming te komen. Dat is vlakbij St. Etienne dus we zijn nu al bezig met een St. Etienne playlistje voor onderweg. Heerlijk, nog even werken en dan is het zo ver! Zal ik vast een mediteraan tempo aannemen?

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