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100 Mile Fitness Challenge logoAs you may or may not know, I’m participating in the 3rd 100 Mile Fitness Challenge from April-June. The first and second time I tried to walk 100 miles / 162 kilometers in 3 months, I only crossed the finish line with effort, in the last few days of the challenge.

This time… I’ve trotted my amount of miles a whole month early!

Of course I won’t stop now: let’s try to get to the next round number before July 1st: 200 kilometers (125 miles)!

Swan on nest

(Water) birds nesting; a typical May view

On Saturday Mr Gnoe and I went for a nice walk called Klopwandeling, taking a short cycling trip to get there. If you ever go on that hike (or either the Utrechtpad or Waterliniepad) I recommend stopping for a drink at Fort aan de Klop (closed on Mondays)!

A weird thing happened: we bumped into a couple we met in Cappadocia (Turkey) a few years ago. They don’t live in the area — just got here for a weekend outing. Ain’t it a small world?

ETA: on June 26th I ended my 2nd 100 Mile Fitness Challenge with a total of 147 miles = 235 km!!! Wow. I impressed myself ;)


Gnoe goes ExtraVeganza!


Currently grazing

Challenge logo

Gnoe herding...