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A while back I totally fell in love with a set of 6 mini bottles of olive oil and vinaigrette at Oil & Vinegar. They looked so cute in their cellophane wrapping, I just couldn’t use them (yet). But this weekend we ate corn on the cob — out of our weekly organic veggie bag — and lemon infused oil really goes perfectly with that… Yum!

You’re looking at plain extra vierge olive oil, lemon infused, and extra vierge with basil. The vinaigrettes contain combinations of these oils with balsamic vinegar.

Kawaii!!! Don’t you think so? :) Being the hamster I am I have to restrain myself not hoard LOADS of these cute bento-sized bottles!

This is good. After my first reflections on what I need for my bento and what dressing containers I like, I decided to go into town to try and find some. I had seen a picture of small jars from Xenos at Liessa’s lunch blog, so I had to check that out as soon as possible!

Well, they were in stock but… still too big for my bento’s! :\ Luckily I soon spotted a travel kit of bottles and boxes that seemed the right size :) So here they are! Actually, there really are three more but again: they won’t fit ;)

And yes, I like it that they’re plain! Although I might personalize them someday when I feel exceedingly creative ;)

This is the bento I took to the office on Monday May 10th. It was put together quite quickly!

It contains broccoli quiche (bought), radishes, basil, a small piece of emmental cheese, homegrown mustard cress and dito bean sprouts (taugeh), cucumber and a dressing of soy sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil. Homegrown bean sprouts taste soooo much better!

Yay, my next bento will be number 50! :-o

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