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Cover Love Comes Running Up That Hill QuicklyToday I want to share another WONDERFUL mash-up: it made me aware of the existence of mash-ups altogether ;)

I hope you’ll enjoy Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly: DJ Magnets composition of Kate Bushes Running Up That Hill, the cover by Placebo and Love Comes Quickly by the Pet Shop Boys.

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Tuesday's lunch and 4 o'. #food #whatveganseat #lunch #bento Yippee! Incoming mail from @namratapai. Thank you dear! Going to read it now šŸ˜Š
#ingnoe #india 20160831 Tuesday, donkey day. I went to my lovelies at the shelter and this thank-you note went out to a friend's mum whom has spontaneously and altruistically contributed to our adoption of dear Fiona. šŸ’— Kindness is a wonderful gift.

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