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Cover Love Comes Running Up That Hill QuicklyToday I want to share another WONDERFUL mash-up: it made me aware of the existence of mash-ups altogether ;)

I hope you’ll enjoy Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly: DJ Magnets composition of Kate Bushes Running Up That Hill, the cover by Placebo and Love Comes Quickly by the Pet Shop Boys.

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  • Wim Brands: "Xavier de Maistre [1763-1852] besloot een reis door zijn kamer te maken. Het is het beste reisboek ooit." (VPRO-gids) 2 weeks ago

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It would be *so* cool to win this #DrawRiotsGiveaway­čîč !!! I love the work of @drawriot ÔťĘ And as an art journal newbie currently in summer school I could use those goodies!!! #fingerscrossed

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SwaS: Notecard with small enclosure swap no.2. Incoming from Kirsty, the Netherlands.


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