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Bento #102, 11-05-2010

I didn’t have much energy last night but hey, I need to eat those poppy seed scones I baked, so I hurriedly put together bento #102 in my new Circle Lunch box. It would be a shame not to use those ramsons’ flowers I found in our first vegetable bag too! Last week I had to throw away part of my broccoli kinpira and a puff pastry with goat’s cheese because I forgot to use them :\

There were many raw veggies in the right tier: celery stalk, 2 lemon olives, cucumber, carrot, gherkin, pickled onions (in balsamic vinegar), caper berries, small plumtomato, lettuce and two tamagoyaki flowers. Of course it might have been smarter to cut my vegetables in a round shape, but I wasn’t that bright last night ;)

Other tier: 2 scones with buttermilk curd and raspberry jelly, dried cranberries, thin wasa leftovers from (Re-)bento #101 and houmous with chives to dip the crackers and veggies in.

An apple on the side.

Organic: apple, lettuce, pickled onions, cucumber, egg, buttermilk (curd), houmous.

About 12.5 ww propoints

CSA vegetable bag wk 18, 2010

You won’t be surprised to hear that I was first in line today to receive our first veggie bag of the season ;) It has been cold so the people of Amelis’Hof are a bit worried that they won’t have enough vegetables to fulfill our needs in the next few weeks — but we’ve heard them utter these anxious thoughts in previous years and all turned out fine ;) Anyway, that’s part of the deal.

This bento grrl was VERY happy to find edible flowers among the greens :) It’s ramsons (daslook): usually over their prime at this time of year, but late now because of the cold. That’s why we haven’t had it before. Another first! The chilly weather does have its advantages ;) We put some ramson leaves in our salad this evening and it was nice. Tastes a bit like garlic chives, but gentler.

Most of today’s veggies will probably end up in a salad or something of the kind.

  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • leek
  • herbs: thyme & marjoram
  • bundlegarlic (?)
  • ramsons

I’m one happy grrl.

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