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I had to play truant for a couple of days, but now I’m back at VeganMoFo with my traditional CSA (b)log post and menu plan.

Amelishof organic CSA vegetables week 41, 2012

  • Red, yellow & chioggia beets
  • Silver beet
  • Lollo Bionda lettuce
  • Hokkaido pumpkin
  • Doyenné pears
  • Parsley

I still got last week’s runner beans and will be getting cauliflower and purple kale tomorrow from another local organic garden. So what’s up this week?

Menuplan Thursday October 11th  – Wednesday 17th

  • Thursday: homemade tomato soup, leftover pasta with pesto, and leftover saag with chickpeas made into a pasta sauce with mushrooms, leek and baked onions.
  • Friday: rice with chili (freezer stash), avocado, home-made salsa picante and steamed silver beet.
    Baking pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streusel from Veganomicon (p.255) for my friend Loes’ birthday. Will adapt the streusel to a nut mix as I don’t have enough pecans.
  • Saturday: Turkish beans (taze fasulye), carrot-walnut salad with soygurt dressing (cevizli havuç salatasi) adapted from Lokanta cookbook and pide bread or a grain dish.
  • A variation of The Green Cuisine’s pumpkin-paprika soup -another VeganMoFo inspired dish!- and beet-potato salad
  • Baked potatoes, veggiedogs and sautéed silverbeet with creamy cauliflower ‘queso’ from Cadry’s Kitchen.
  • Quesadillas with leftover cauliflower ‘queso’; autumn salad with beetroot and baked pear/apple adapted from Baking Made Easy.
  • Dessert: sugared puff pastry with pear and chocolate syrup.
  • Snack: kale chips (or this VeganMoFo spicy kale recipe from The Green Cuisine).
  • Sandwich spread: eggless salad with last week’s celery. Recipe recommendations really MUCH appreciated!

Our third season of CSA has come to a closing. Now we’ll need to decide on which veggies to buy all by ourselves again… Not an easy task! #lazybums

Last organic CSA veggies of the year (week 51, 2010)

  • purslane
  • leek
  • thyme
  • red cabbage
  • choggia beets
  • apples
  • variety of onions: shallot, red and white

When I got beets last time I made Nigel Slater’s Beetroot Seeds Cake and it was goooood!

Nigel Slater's Beetroot seeds cake

Clicking on the picture will bring you to Flickr, where I’ve put up the link to the on-line recipe and some adaptations I made.

Yesterday was another Meatless Monday (Plantaardig Maandag) and supposed to be December’s #twitterfoodparty about squash, so I made a vegan Indian curry with basmati rice and (prefab) mango chutney with last week’s hokkaido pumpkin. The picture didn’t turn out too great but it tasted better than it looks. ;) Anyway, the food party got postponed due to too many ‘twabsentees‘…! If you want to join in, just make something with squash on January 10th, use the hashtag and tweet a picture!

Vegan pumpkin curry with basmati rice and mango chutney

So, no more CSA (b)log posts until the first week of May 2011. Some of you might think that a good thing… But hopefully not all???

This first bento of the month should definitely make up for my bento-less last week!

Two years ago we went to Cappadocia, Turkey in October and had an amazing time. This bento contains some leftovers of Turkish take-away (dôh not that old of course). YUM! Unfortunately I don’t know the correct names for these mezze dishes, but I will try to add them later on.

Upper tier:
Hot pepperspread, eggplant spread (I don’t think it was baba ghanoush), summer couscous salad with watercress leaf, blue grapes, fishy with dressing, sundried tomato.

Lower tier:
Bean salad with paprika and onion, choggia beet stars, snow peas, dill and red batavia lettuce.

On the side:
Organic butterfly biscuit, mandarin (and I also took an apple and some toast for the vegetable spreads).

Last time I got some choggia in our weekly veggiebag I cooked it like ordinary beet, but then it became a homogeneous red. Now I kept it raw to preserve the beautiful pink and white pattern ;) When cooked for just a minute or so the pattern stays alive as well, but not as fresh as it is now. Someday I’ll try steaming it!

BTW a tip for Dutch people who would like to try more organic g/foods: until November 7th you can collect EKO-marks of products and swap them for fun fair trade and environmentally friendly Goodforall products!

CSA & organic: grapes, beet, lettuce, dill
Organic: watercress, biscuit

Deze week is de groententas van de Aardvlo weer lekker gevuld.

    Aardvlo groententas week 36

  • bramen
  • basilicum
  • tomaten
  • knoflook
  • andijvie
  • chinese kool
  • rode kropsla
  • lieve kleine bietjes
  • 2 meiraapjes… of wacht even: het zijn chioggiabietjes; hehe a bento-er’s dream! ;)

We hebben toevallig heerlijke buffelmozzarella in huis dus dat wordt weer lunchen met salade caprese :) De andijvie gaat in stampot met rooktofu en ik had laatst op het web ergens een recept gezien dat speciaal voor kleine bietjes was bedoeld… Surfen maar!

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