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On Thursday, Ascension of Jesus — a national holiday, the weather was so good we decided to take our Mexican dinner to the park. A great opportunity to use my new sakura bento!

Mexican Dinner (Picnic) Bento, 02-06-2011

I know: baaaad picture — sorry! But I was so hungry that I didn’t have the patience to make a good one… Not to mention the growling tummy of Mr Gnoe next to me. ;)

Contents: flour tortillas with chili (kidney beans, zucchini & red bell pepper), rice, salsa picante, avocado with lime and sea salt, blanched spinach with red onion and jalepeño, salad (lettuce, tomato, spring onion, gherkin, black olives) with balsamic vinegar dressing and nachos. The beer is Grolsch, which I prefer over Heineken any day.

Now it would be foolish to tell you this was supposed to be a burrito bento that I messed up, right? ;)


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Update no.2

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It’s 7pm and I’m awfully tired so I’m updating this Bloggiesta Day 1 post before dinner ‘cause I have a feeling I might not be back after that ;)

I’m pretty content with what I’ve done today! Since my first update I finished my urgent ExtraVeganza post and did some odd jobs ‘off the grid’.

Off the grid

  • I looked into an articles template plugin in vain: plugins are only allowed on privately hosted WordPress blogs ( and not on the free
  • I got sidetracked by reading and commenting on other bloggiesta task lists…
  • I participated in 2 mini-challenges

Brain teasers & Research

  • decide on set weekly time to blog  ✔
    I’m not 100% sure yet whether it will work but I decided to block 4 hours of blogging time on Wednesdays and also 4 hours in the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. I’m also no longer allowed to blog at night because I have a hard time falling asleep…

Tonight I’ll be probably ‘chilling’ with The Killing but I’m looking forward to tomorrow! See you then :)


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Update no.1

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Mexican Bloggiesta Lunch

I knew you were all going to squeal with jealousy but I still wanted to show off my Mexican Bloggiesta Lunch. Sorry ;) You probably won’t believe me but it was all made with leftovers!

The chili is another recipe from the Dutch vegetarian website De Vegetariër, and you’ll never guess what’s in it… espresso!

I also had two open packages of nacho chips threatening to get stale — okay, so I should have paid more attention to the oven temperature but most of it was fine ;) Of course the beet pancake isn’t really Mexican but it fitted this meal perfectly anyway.

There’s still an open can of tomatoes in my fridge, along with a package of passato di tomato, so later on I might even make some of my super flexible salsa picante.

But first things first.

What have I been doing since my last update?

Quick & Easy

  • back-up blog  ✔
  • update ‘About’-page with pages I’m featured at  ✔ (plus updated to English text)
  • add image to blogpost Books Read in 2008
  • add tag ‘weekendcooking’ to Weekend Cooking posts  ✔

Bigger jobs

  • write at least 1 recipe or food related post (urgent: ExtraVeganza!)
    Progress: the draft of my ExtraVeganza post is finished, I just need to fine-tune a little and want to add a compilation of photo’s for which I need to get reacquainted with Qimp.

Of course I also went an did some stuff that wasn’t on my original list.

Off the grid

  • cleaned up online mailbox because of bouncing mails
  • updated contact page
  • replied on comments on Graasland and Flickr-page
  • twittered

You know what’s so special about this 4th Bloggiesta? We’ve only got wifi since this week so I can work on my blog anywhere I like! :)


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