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Bento #67 is quite full of carbohydrates. That’s good: half of a bento should consist of these, but I usually take less because I also bring one or two sandwiches to work. Not today though :)

What foodies are you looking at? Beet & potato salad, fennel & tomato salad, leek pie, roasted sunflower seeds to go with the baked zucchini and last but not least: Neapolitan white beans — I think they tasted even better cold than they did hot! :) What am I saying? It was all really very good :)) And I made each of these dishes myself from scratch. (*Gnoe pats her own back* ;)
For dessert I had some mango.

BTW do you like the look of my new divider grass ?! I do I do I do! :)


A simple bento accessory I would like to have is a packet of grass dividers. Dividers are used to prevent different bento dishes from mixing too much. You can cut these strips of plastic grass in the right size. I have only two that came out of Japanese takeaway meals — and I seem to rather cherish then use them LOL. Grass dividers come in all sorts of colours but I prefer them ‘natural‘, i.e. plain green. They are really not expensive, but… adding shipment & handling from Japan or the US, the price suddenly goes up quickly :(

Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed because friends of elm@ are visiting Japan (hi Katie & Anita!) and maybe, just maybe they’ll have a chance to buy me some… That would be great! :) Then again, they’re really busy shopping for Lolita clothes etc. so it might be that they won’t have a penny erm.. yen left! I’ll just have to wait and see ;) But hey, the anticipation is exciting as well!

Anybody else going to Tokyo soon??? ;)

Not only do I have future plans about what to put in my bento, like all bento-ers I also have a wishlist of bento goodies!

On top of my list — since day 1 of bento-ing — are small sauce containers. Because I couldn’t find any store bought containers that were small enough for my bento boxes, I have been using the ones you get with take-away food. That’s not ideal because you are not supposed to reuse them :\ So they break easily.

Of course there are a lot of bottles and boxes to be bought for this purpose, but I’m afraid I often find them too childish… Hey, I like kawaii stuff, but I’m not 12 anymore ;) Two of the few I do like you can find at Adventures in Bentomaking. Look closely at the pictures to spot a simple blue bottle and a cute orange & blue jewel-like container.

I’ll let you know soon what other accessories I would like to have..!

Hooray, my food picks from Japan arrived yesterday! They are much smaller than I thought: about 3 cm high, but that’s okay since the bamboo picks I already own are quite big.

I really love these new ones and would like to keep them wrapped and on display ;) But using them in my bento is even better :) I am thinking about a mexican themed bento with tortilla wrap, so that will be perfect! If I have the time, that is…

Which one do you like best? Usagi (bunny)? Neko (cat)? Sakura (cherry blossom)? Yuki (snow)? Kōri (ice)? I can’t decide: I think they’re all kawaii!

I got these colourful picks on eBay from Tokyo Gift, where I also bought my (first) bento box. They wrap their parcels in beautiful paper! Cool origata!

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