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Pedro, the Bloggiesta logoAnother day has come (I’m always happy when it does ;) and it’s time for some more serious blogging. I won’t be able to participate in the Bloggiesta fiesta tomorrow, so today I’ll need to get my act together and work on reviews. Elsje will be happy to know I’m starting of with my thoughts on Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman so I can send them her way again :)

I’ve crossed off the following tasks in yesterday’s to-do list:

  • finished my posts about The Telepathic CSA Supervisor and Indo Bento #105 (including a recipe for Indonesian corn fritters)
  • added the last of missing annual lists of books read (in 2002) which prompted me to import old (Dutch) review material to link to (the Museum of Unconditional Surrender by Dubravka Ugrešić and Schimmenrijk by Rosita Steenbeek). On the background I’m also working on an index page for reviews…
  • I’ve made a back-up of Graasland; such an easy job in! Just go to Extra (or Tools) in your dashboard, choose Export and press the Download Export File button. I’ve never had to re-install my back-up but I hope it’s as simple as this :)
  • I also did a lot of commenting, cheering, tweeting (making even more friends!),
  • and finally gathered all my posts containing a recipe or link to a recipe on another website in the Recipe category.

I still have an important question relating to wordpress categories and trackbacks/pingbacks to my own posts. Maybe someone can help me out?

I do not want links to my own posts to show up as pingbacks. I know how to do that: by leaving out the ‘http://’ before the url i.e.
<a href=””>

.. leads to my Pepsi veggie test post without showing a trackback in the comments. BUT. When you’re in category view like Recipes, these links turn up dead (Error 404)! What to do? Of course I like other people’s pingbacks to show so no way I’ll uncheck the ‘allow’ button ;)

An option would be to use complete links but then I’d need to remove each of my own pingbacks manually… #lazygrrl :( And it would be a HUGE job to fix all the old links! I’d need a Bloggiesta month for that ;)

Well, better not worry about that right now and concentrate on the tasks still on my to-do list for Day 2 of the Bloggiesta.

    Cover Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

  • write 1 book review, preferably David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
  • spend 30 minutes on cleaning up old imported posts (tagged ‘Uncategorized’; 9 left) > actually 11 now because of the new imports relating to Books Read in 2002
  • [work on my buddy review with Elsjelas of Murakami’s Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman]
  • [write my guest post for the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge]
  • [report about David Mitchell’s talk in Haarlem (combining it with my review of ‘The 1000 Autumns‘ will probably turn out too difficult)]
  • [review Shusaku Endo’s Silence (Japanese Literature Book Group read for June & my first book in the 4th Japanese Literature Challenge)]

Shusaku’s book group discussion is not on until the 28th of June, so no need to hurry with that. I’m tempted to start with the easy job of cleaning up uncategorized posts but I won’t procrastinate any longer and start my work on Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman!

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