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I’ve joined another challenge! But don’t worry, it’s on an entirely different level than my reading challenges. I have committed myself to the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge, which requires me to walk a 100 miles before January 1st. If everything goes well, you’ll frequently find my update posts here on Graasland.

There’s one small issue I haven’t figured out yet: I’m supposed to round down my miles to integers but since we’re used to kilometers in Holland instead of miles, hikes are usually set to round kilometers — which gives me a small disadvantage. Well, I think I’ll just wait and see if that is going to be a problem (and in the meanwhile keep track of the exact distances of my hikes ;)

How many miles is 1 kilometer?
100 miles = 160 (point 9) kilometers. That’s about 54 km a month! But: every 15 minutes of exercise other than walking or running — ha, like I would do any running! — counts for 1 mile. It has to be for the purpose of workout only, so I am not counting my 4 x 15 minutes cycling to and from the train station on my way to work. Even though it’s a conscious decision not to take the bus ;) Of course exceptions may be possible.

Of course I could combine this challenge with my several reading challenges by listening to audio books..! ;) For now I won’t, because I like how hiking clears my head :)

This is my acceptance post for the challenge. And I started off with a hike on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Gnoe goes ExtraVeganza!


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Gnoe herding…

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