If you think I haven’t been making any bentos lately, you’re wrong. ;) I’ve got four of them to share, so you may expect some posts in the next few days! Starting with my office lunch from July 24th: Bulghur Bento.

Bulghur Bento #190

The name comes from some leftover Lebanese bulghur — which was very good! As were the other components of this lunch: spinach pesto (from our first Kookgrrls cookalong) with olive toast, caper berries and a few chickpeas, decorated with purple basil and flat parsley leaves. A mixed salad containing marinated courgette accompanied this meal and I had some sugar coated red berries for dessert.

The spinach pesto was a great success — I brought another batch to a potluck on the 1st Friday of this month and it was one of the most favourite dishes. :D It’s super easy to make, so I plan to post the recipe on Graasland. Seems like a fab contribution for VeganMoFo in October, of which you’ll hear more later!