Amelishof organic CSA vegetables week 27, 2012

  • pak choi
  • red scallions
  • basil
  • lettuce
  • broad beans
  • turnip tops

Another bunch of awesome greens to plan this week’s menu with! In addition I got some green beans, carrots, marrowfat peas, courgette and fennel from another organic farm nearby.

Menu plan July 3rd – 10th

  • [Wednesday] ‘Hokkaido pumpkin soup’: made up from kombu dashi & Japanse pumpkin out of the freezer, rice with Teresa’s garlic shoot stir-fry (La Dolce Vegan! p.138), using mizuna instead of chard and marrowfat peas for sweet.
    'Hokkaido' pumpkin soup
    Garlic shoot stir-fry with tahini sauce
  • [Thursday] Batavian endive ‘sajoer boontjes‘, nasi goreng, tempeh asem manis (Vegetarisch Indonesisch Kookboek p.116), emping.
    Nasi goreng, Batavian endive 'boemboe boontjes' and asem manis tempeh
  • [Friday] Tomato soup, lentil salad (Bonenkookboek), bake-off baguette and faux tuna salad.
    Friday Night Dinner: tomato soup
    Friday Night Dinner: lentil salad
    Friday Night Dinner: faux tuna salad
  • [Saturday] Tip-top tofu loaf for La Dolce Vegan! for cookalong on NVV forum (p.154), broad beans and cajun potatoes (Groot Vegetarisch Kookboek). Red berries and cherries for dessert.
    Tip top tofu loaf from La Dolce Vegan!
    Tofu loaf, broad beans cajun tatoes and salad
  • [Sunday] Fennel beans (Puur plantaardig), pasta marinara with fresh basil.
  • [Monday] Thai carrot soup, pak choi stir-fry (Groentegerechten) with spring onions & marrowfat peas, spring rolls (freezer stash) & noodles.
  • [Tuesday] Tomato soup, pasta zucchini cream wine sauce, salad.